Monday, July 28, 2014

Snippets & Photos & Not-So-Breaking News.

Sunset Paddle in Englewood, Florida. 
Sweet Blog Reader's O'Mine.
I was hoping that would sound like Guns 'N Roses, so this post is a fail from the start. 
Read on at your own risk.

My last post was June 3rd. I don't even know. So much has been going on I don't even know where to begin. I JUST, as in this very moment, noticed I didn't even finish our road trip series. 
From May. Seriously?
Spazmatic Adjustable Blogger.

In true Spouseisms fashion, I'll bring you all up to speed in snippets 
& the ever-faithful iPhone photo dump.

'Member that time I told you we were downsizing and moving to an apartment? That was about eight weeks ago. I also said something like "I wonder how these plans will change as soon as I hit the 'publish' button?" Actually, it was exactly like that.
The view from the girls' room. Lovely.
A few days after we got moved in, my girls went to Carolina Creek Christian Camp and rocked it.

We've been in training for our second sprint triathlon. 

Our family reward for our first sprint triathlon was a trip to Englewood, Florida to the girls' favorite beach condo. We have gone for many years, but not at all since moving to Texas. We got to sneak out a day early so we were pretty pumped. But. It was an all-nighter. We drove from 3pm til 9:30am on 4th of July. Nuts. 

We got to spend some sweet time with Spouse's grandparents. Sixty-four years of marriage this month. Grandma doesn't know who we are anymore, but she's still pretty witty. She took care of Papa for a bunch of years and now he takes care of her. 
The photo on the left is from their wedding day. Awesome.
4th of July in Plant City with Uncle Jarrett. 'Merica.
We had a fab time at the beach. The water was beautiful and serene and all that is lovely in the world.

There was some Cranium shenanigans.
The annual Beach Family Feet Photo happened.
Because we're brilliant, we ended our triathlon reward vacation with another triathlon. 

It was not pretty, Kids. My spouse went totally beast mode, and I definitely finished. Ha.

Photo cred: Cafe Press
I saw a mom pushing a stroller at the finish line wearing this shirt 
and I decided not to do any more triathlons.
I'm kidding!

Here's what's up, Kids. [Expect my voice & run-ons.]

That's my oldest in the middle, helping lead worship rally at VBS. Such fun for her! So proud & thankful for the leadership there for allowing her to take part at the last minute. 
 A day before we were leaving we got a little intel that would lead us to make the decision to fly Spouse back home at the end of vacation. The girls and I would stay a "few extra days" to look for a place to live! (What!?) Yes. But, it was all on a "it looks like this could happen in the next 30-45 days" conversation. We knew it was a bit of a gamble, but it made more sense to do that rather than us get home and have to turn around and have to come back in a few weeks. 

So, my girls got to spend a few nights at a friend's house and my sweet friend, Debra, and I went on a House Hunters Tampa Bay adventure.  Spouse and I had been leaning toward an area of Tampa Bay that neither of us had ever even been to before. He mentioned one night when we were in the "dreamy phase" of the possibility of getting back to Florida. We liked what we saw online and started from there. 
Seriously. That's how this went down. 
I spoke with a realtor on the phone and decided to like her. When we met, I decided to just love her!

This photo is just to show my inspiration in house-hunting. *Grin*
'Member that time I was a spazzy house hunter? Not this time, Jack! 
I was on point with "Location, location, location" and Spouse's voice in my head saying, "Book it!"
The first day was about 10 hours of driving and we only went inside two houses. This was the first one: A three-level townhouse in a smallish, coastal town with boat slips available and across the street from the Pinellas Bike Trail. We are definitely not "fixer upper" types, but this one didn't scare me. The next day, we spent a few more hours in the area and looked at a few more houses. Five total. We made an offer on that first townhouse. Spouse signed the contract sight unseen. 

These "few extra days" the girls and I were staying became six days and this man was sure we were never coming back! When the negotiations were over and the home inspection scheduled, he knew we were going to be even longer, so he drove all night to get to us. 
We were so grateful to get to go to church together on Sunday in Plant City.
Church Selfie!
Then, there was more shenanigans and ballyhoo. 
They were crying at themselves.
We got treated to a nice dinner of shrimp & grits by my brother & sister-in-law! So fun! 
I think, since my bum was still sore from that race, I felt we should get a pic with this bicycle art thing.
I don't really know, check out Spouseisms on Instagram for more interesting pics. 
After Spouse got to see the home he had committed to buy and the inspection went as expected, we hit the road to get back home to our Houston family. I was anxious to see them and already felt like I had been away too long! 

See how happy we look? We drove until 4:30 the next dadgum morning and we were not so perky, let me tell ya! Spouse even went to work! He's a champ. I'm not. I checked out and demanded no one speak to me. I can't tell you at all what my children did all day. They could have gotten piercings or tattoos and I wouldn't have known it. But, worse, they watched that ridiculous H2O.

So there's that. We are looking at a tentative closing of mid-August. The girls are registered for several homeschool classes and volleyball. We found some youth sailing classes they want to take (because we are right near the MARINA!), but Spouse says I can't sign up for everything at once. Something about transitioning and home renovations and schooling the children. I guess. If you're in to that sort of thing.

There have been so many lessons learned and ways the Lord has made Himself ever-so known throughout this process, but they warrant their own posts. Hopefully, I'll get to it.