Monday, August 27, 2012

House Hunting as a Spaz.

Oh, to be inside my head for a minute. You do not even know!

Some of you do. You are livin' the Spaz Life, too! Add to that living an uprooted Spaz Life trying to maintain some semblance of sanity and normalcy and make major life decisions with WAY too many options! 

Too many options are not good for Spazzies.
Anyway, I digress before I even get started. Bah!

We looked for houses in Houston for about 7 hours on Saturday. With the help of our fab realtor, we covered an obscene amount of miles. We looked at houses and town homes, old and new to the Southwest, West, Northwest and North of town. 

We looked at one older home that had the washer and dryer straight up in the kitchen. 
Sink. Countertop. Washer. Dryer. In a row. On one wall, in a perfectly rectangular kitchen. And, a lot of wood paneling. But, it was fairly close to town, with a 30 minute commute to work.

One had a shower that was so small you had to turn sideways to step in. And the shower head came to the middle of Spouse's chest. Pretty funny sight. More wood paneling, but some of it had been painted, so that wasn't too bad. Reasonable neighborhood & distance to work.

One little townhouse in a cutesy community, had mirrors EVERYWHERE, with a full size (full size, Kids) jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. In a townhouse. With mirrors. Everywhere. Eww. Creeped my junk out. I am too aware of human depravity. I wanted an antibacterial bath after leaving that place.

Another town home was adorable, but the cabinets in the kitchen were so narrow, regular plates could not even fit in them. Super small, even for our standards. And the outside looked like a hotel. 

We looked at a few more that were strong contenders, one was a definite front-runner in the area, but was a little more than I wanted to pay. Figures, right?!

Then, we went to the 'burbs. New homes. Way too big for us. There is only four of us. No one should need this much space. Gorgeous. Would be about the same commute as Spouse makes on I-4 in Tampa. 

Mark said, "Book it." 
Meghan said, "If we get this house, I may never want to go back to Florida." (Boom. Sold to the Dad.)
Maddy said, "This would be a great house to play paintball in." (What!? Who is this kid!?) 
Me? I was dealing with the motion-sickness  from the spin-cycle of Spaz that was going on inside my head! 

Blessed assurance.

Here's a sample:
This is way too big. That backyard is fabulous. This is where Bible Study would happen. This is the room where my people could sleep when they visit. I don't want my kids spoiled. I don't want their parents spoiled. Good grief, this laundry room is dreamy! Our furniture is going to look so redneck in here! Bah! That is awesome! This is not a radical purchase. Way too American Dream-ish. But, not really OUR dream. Our dream is beachy. And, it's only a rental. We aren't buying. This would make an awesome schoolroom/office. That wall would hold a bunch of books! It would be awesome for Mark to have this garage.  This yard is so cutesy. What a sell-out. We are totally selling out. I could definitely see us filling this house with people. Still, we filled our other house and it was WAY smaller than this. This is a lovely bath tub. Whoa. It does feel more home-ish than the others. Ugh. I feel ill.

Here's the other thing: All of these were within a reasonable dollar amount in difference. Seriously. The new one was $150 less than some of the others, because of their proximity to downtown. And, when you consider energy efficiency, it will likely wash. 

So, Spouse took his Spazwife to church yesterday. Ahhhh. Sweet peace. The Lord's house with the Lord's people! I started receiving that peace that Mark and the girls already had. We were invited to lunch with two lovely young girls (Read: 20-somethings) and one of the girls' mom. Oh, we are going to FILL this house, if the Lord wills it! We were makin' plans! Y'all know I love me some Millennials!

Spouse, making fun of me, in true Jerkafornia fashion, said last night, "I am sooo proud of you for keeping it together this weekend. You handled yourself so well." could have been worse. I think?

Now, we are working on the dreamy house. Paperwork. Waiting. All the grown-up stuff that we are so terrible at doing. 

Lord, we just pray Your will is done. Amen.


  1. I love you! Sometimes its like you speak from MY heart. Wishing you guys all God's blessings and that you dodn;t have to WAIT too long for anything.

  2. No you did Not say "Jerkafornia"... especially about precious Mark!!! ;) Love you and proud of you for not putting that realtor in a mental hospital or the unemployment line!!!

  3. Embrace the blessing!Lohri

  4. Listen, people, everything my mom said in this blog is true! But it was so entertaining.