Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year Smell. 2013.

Ahhh, do you smell that? The new year smell? It's as awesome as the new car smell, but with even more potential. It's April freshness in the dead of winter, People! Get excited!

The start of a new year. My Zumba instructor reminded us today to be sure to be early for the next couple of weeks with all the "resolutioners" coming in. All the health foods and fitness equipment goes on sale. Calendars and organizational tools are in abundance in the stores. It's grand, all the goal setting and whatnot.

I don't typically make New Year's Resolutions. Not that I'm opposed to a mainstream cliche or anything; I dig a good bandwagon, but I feel like a failure most of the time, and I just don't need extra pressure.

My "resolutions" have been something like "to be awesome" or "NOT to get a W2 form" (This was 2010, so all work was henceforth volunteer.) These are legitimate resolutions and I achieved these goals with ease. Yay, me!

So, why now? A few weeks ago, Spouse challenged our family to write out a "Life List". Sort of a bucket list. We did, and, this little family project of his got me to thinking. I wanted to break some things down into smaller goals; this is what I came up with. Not all of these goals are on my Life List, just things I'd like to do in the next year.

I guess I'm writing this for the purpose of accountability and maybe even for inspiration. This girl is a sanguine in the worst way, so if I can make a community out of something, I'm will dern sure do it. The accountability and encouragement of friends is the best kind of carrot to dangle in front of me! Also, I hope it inspires somebody! I know when I read posts like this, I get motivated.

Still, I'm nervous to put this out there 'cause what if I flunk out of my 2013 Goals? All four of you readers will know!

Well, dang.
Here they are.
Some personal & family goals for 2013.

Twelve 5k's.
{Pinterest pic}
I'll run a 5k per month for 12 months. I got this idea from a friend of a friend. I love it. Running/jogging is sort of my nemesis. I do not find running awesome at all. But, it is awesome when I get to punch my personal best in the face.
Because of my relationship with the running, I do entirely too much starting and stopping. I really want to push myself to stick with this to see if I really can retrain my mind and body to enjoy running. I'd love to do a half-marathon one day, again for the sucker punch factor, but I like the goal of the 5k a month. This is a small, attainable goal that even my girls can do with me. Also, I'm intentionally not setting time goals. Again, I don't need the extra pressure- just doing this is a big deal. I've pinned the Couch to 5k plan for the kids, although they don't need to start at week 1, it just breaks the goal down for them. In a lot of ways, this is as much for two little girls as it is for me.
The first race is a good one. Choco Loco 5k on January 26th.
It's a race for chocolate lovers. Shut the front door. Go me!
{Pinterest pic}
I just like this one.
I'd love the online company! Y'all give it some thought! We can hold one another accountable. Who's in?

Memorize Psalm 139.
{Pinterest pic}
Twenty-four verses that can change a girl's life. Even a grown-up girl. Psalm 139 is the ultimate source to get our self-image in line with our Creator's image. I'm going to have my girls join me on this one.
Two verses per month. If we go faster than that, fine.
Again, anybody want to join in?

One Month of Scheduled Schooling.
Homeschool Barbie. I just find this cackle-worthy. {Pinterest pic}
We are pretty relaxed in our school schedule. We do not, by definition, unschool, we are simply  flexible. My spazmatic personality lends itself to an allergy to a rigid schedule. On the flip-side, the perfectionist-educator-mom has been taught that schedules are good for kids. I don't know if this is indoctrination or truth, but I can definitely see the benefit. I'm not making any long-term promises, but I want to commit us to a schedule for a month to see if it changes our lives. If it doesn't rock our world, I'm back to my spazzy ways. We will use our curriculums 4 days a week and we have "Friday School" with our group. Any other field trips/commitments will have to make it on the schedule. :) The [scheduled] exception will be an internship/mentorship that Meghan will be doing. She will have a separate schedule for internship days.


To focus us on our Scripture memory and school schedule, I'm semi-unplugging for that same month. By "semi" I mean from the social networks: Pinterest, Twitter, and the good ole Facebook. I will check emails and keep up with the blogging. Hopefully, some of you will be gracious enough to use those "Share" buttons at the bottom of the posts! Just be aware that I won't be able to see your comments on Facebook, just on the blog. :)

Handwritten Notes.
Art of a Handwritten Note
I am going to send at least one handwritten note/ card each week. I was so very good at this at one time. One a week is very doable and has the potential to change someone's day.

So, there you have it. Out on the blogosphere for all to see. Even as I am nearing the end of this post, that 5k jazz is causing me angst. This is also an exercise in commitment. Long term commitments are about like those rigid schedules I was talking about. Eh.

Guess I better get lace up, get to studying, grab a pen, make that schedule!

What about y'all? Any 2013 goals or resolutions?


  1. Love this! Reconnecting with you from twitter.

  2. Love the resolutions! Especially memorizing Psalm 139. I might have to try that!

  3. Not doing 12 5ks, but we are doing one in Feb. with the girls....their first. Will be working out three days a week, at a minimum. Also reading entire Bible this year using my chronological Bible. Our family emphasis is on prayer, so we have a family prayer board and we are choosing one family each day to pray for by using the Christmas cards we received. I will join you in memorizing Psalm 139. It may take me all year!

    1. I love the family prayer board! That is such a great idea! I'm so excited you are inspiring your girls to run, too!

  4. You need to do the Rodeo Run with us on Feb. 23!