Thursday, March 21, 2013

Building the Circle.

It's been nearly a month, but we had our first REPEAT visitor from home.
Dig that.
Not just any visitor. Jarrett. If you know us and/or Jarrett, you know that with Jarrett comes...shenanigans...

Exhibit A. The sparking scooter.
Entertaining themselves in a gym FULL of chanting volleyball players.
Spouse & Jarrett built us two corn hole sets because they are NOT BUMS
Look at that concentration.

Yes, they built the corn hole because they are not bums, but also because I wanted to have this crew of lovelies over to play.

Is this just so happy? These sweet ones are starting to understand that Mel's Diner is where it's at.
The Lord is gracious. He is building my little circle.
It is a beautiful, Jesus-loving, world-changing, big-dreaming, circle.
There was some Jesus-talk going on at that table.
Family pic.
Sunset in the burbs.

Meghan, Holly, Caroline, Sage, Keri, Sara, Me, Maddy
After the food, after the encouragement in Jesus's name, it was Game On.

Lovely form.
Do not let the smile & spontaneous dancing fool you. Sister schooled some boys in corn hole.

Pretty sure there was smack-talk going on here. 

The lovely Sara. Sometimes, she tell stories.
Holly. I wish they all could be like this California Girl. No. Really.
Keri's very first S'more, People. Her first S'more!? 
Sara's first tandem ride.
(Thank you, Kirkpatricks, for this bike. This has been the most fun.)
I'm extraordinarily happy in this picture. Good grief.
I must have been overjoyed to share the moment with her. 
So, after the Cornhole University lesson from the Californian Buckeye, Holly, the girls gave Spouse & Jarrett a ping-pong lesson.

Look at that form. 
Bless em. They look so cute.
Since my Circle Girls (I just made that up this very second)  love us so much and wanted to show Jarrett a little Bayou City flavor, we went out for crawfish lunch after an exhausting sermon on Sunday. (And I do mean exhausting. This may be another post, but you can listen to "Building Babel" on iTunes Podcasts from Bayou City Fellowship.)

The Sisters want to adopt Sage. She's grown. We're doing it anyway.
Holly, Sage, Micah & the crawfish.
I can smell the Old Bay.
Holly giving a crawfish lesson. (Are you seeing a theme here?)
Homegirl went to town on some crawfish. I was so proud.
People keep asking us, "How are y'all settling in out there in Houston?" 
This. This is how we are settling in. 
With a full house and a beautiful circle. With room for more. 

I leave you with this parting shot.


  1. Wonderful! You really look like you're having some great fun here.

    If you like corn hole (which is a game with a name that sounds a little like something naughty!), have you ever played ladder golf? Fun, fun, fun.

    Crawdads. Man, gotta get me some. Nobody eats that stuff up here in Milwaukee.

  2. We need to come and visit this adorable circle stat!

    Oh and until then FaceTime soon!?