Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Heat Is On.

This one time, we drove three and a half hours to the Texas Hill Country for the weekend.
Arent' we so cute and excited?!
We had reservations for 2 nights at this family campground with a pool and a bunch of activities for the kids. We were so excited! We'd heard about the water slides at the campground and we wanted to go "float the river". (That's "go tubing" for the non-Texans.)

Reading material: check.

Brit Nicole Pandora station: check.
The best 3 lbs I carry: check.
We set up the pop-up camper in 102º (feels like 104º) of pure Central Texas heat. My Spouse, like a solid Dad, did most of the work and drank the least amount of water. Dude got so ill from heat exhaustion.

No trees, Kids. No shade.
No joke. Actual heat exhaustion: extreme thirst, fatigue, confusion, nausea, headache, rapid heartbeat...the whole thing. The puppers, too! After he rested a while and drank a little water, the girls and I went to get him some Gatorade. He was so loopy he didn't even know where we were. Blessed assurance.
In case you missed it: I'm the good Spouse who leaves my husband passed out in a hot camper to go ride in the cool car.

We got a treat, too. :) Yah, Dad! We are on our way! Hurrying to save you!

 We got back to learn that the dog was feeling the ill effects of the heat, too. About the time that Spouse woke up, the pup threw up on him. Awesome. He drank the Gatorade and got to feeling a little better. We were all getting excited to float the river, but the AC was not cooling the camper very well. It was blowing cool and all, but this...

We cackled at the ridiculousness of the situation. There were spots in the camper that, if you sat real still, you could feel the cool air blowing. It was hilarious.

Before you ask, "Why didn't you go get in the pool or go to the river, Dummies?" A couple of reasons: the pool was about a third of the size it should have been for the number of sites at this campground. Packed full of people. Packed. Eww. The river, too. My pictures weren't good enough to post, but the river was so full of tubes and people, they were not even moving! I'm not kidding. It was a human dam. In addition, parts of the Guadalupe River do not allow cans on the river, but the section where we were allowed cans. Our drive-bys did not reveal a very family-friendly situation. Then, there was the puppers. It was not cool enough to leave him in the camper.

There was this one time, we drove three and a half hours to the hill country for the weekend. We stayed  5 whole hours and then loaded every.thing.back.up. and went home.

Cause here's why: If you can't take the heat, get out of Central Texas in a pop-up camper with an AC that can not compete with a country state that has its own sun.

How's your weekend?

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  1. Hilarious! I would have done the same in all honestly - but you know that ;)

    Ps. A heat wave is predicted to land here this weekend, a whopping 80 degrees!!! No joke and they literally call it a 'heat wave'.