Saturday, August 17, 2013

Loving My Neighbor.

Last year about this time, I was a spazzy house hunter. (<--Rollicking)
We settled (I was coerced) on a house in an area that I just knew was way too far for Spouse's commute, above our budget, too big, new, and just plain too much. I had never been to this particular area of Houston and I wanted to stick to the areas I knew a little. But, read the post and you'll see, I was in a state. I couldn't make a decision, so Spouse made the call.

Nearly a year later, our lease is up. The homeowner is selling the house (not surprising, the market is on the up & up here) and we have to move.
This is me:

Bitter britches. That's me. I DON'T WANNA MOVE!

I love it here. When they made me live here, I said, "Fine. But we are fillin' it."
I resolved to fill this house. We've done that every chance we could. I try to keep the  Mel's Diner reservation list at a reasonable capacity.
Just a few. Our first guests did not make the board because one of them,
Janae, actually MADE the board.
She wrote the "Mel's Diner" last November. We don't touch it.
This house has been so good to us. It really has. Still, I fuss about the size. I like smaller. I don't like that my tweeners can go upstairs and "hide". I feel like I'm constantly chasing them. They are getting to "that age" ya know and I don't love it. I'm constantly saying, "Can't you do whatever you are doing down here where I can see your face?" To which I get, "I'm reading, Mom. I need some space." Really? You need space? Our bottom floor is nearly the size of our old house! I'm sure you can find somewhere down here! Blessed assurance. Killin me.
I do LOVE that we have a guest room ready at all times. I love that I can offer up a room to anybody at any time. And I have. We've always had an open door policy, but this house has let me up the game quite a bit. Good times.

I also resolved to meet my neighbors and love them. It took us a while, but we've done that. I love our neighbors!

Incidentally, I know it can be tough to meet people in the burbs. In our case, our neighbors come home in the afternoon, pull into the garage, close the garage and go inside. And, they have lawn services, so they aren't out pulling weeds and working in the yard and whatnot. I would walk around the neighborhood and just pray, Lord, you brought us here and it feels like we aren't doing anything! How do I meet these people? 
If you are having trouble meeting neighbors, or are new an area, I recommend this solution:
 No joke. This is the world's best missionary pup. When I would go out jogging or walking, I would  just get the polite, "Morning!", but if you have canine cuteness, you get to stop and chat. It takes us a good hour-or two- to walk the loop in our neighborhood. It's less than a mile.
Maverick &  Little Sister.
Honestly. 5 months old & 4 lb. of presh.
So, we've met these people. And I love them! All of them! We've done the summertime cookouts and pool dates and talked kids and Houston and marriage and music and syphilis and Jesus with them. They are from Illinois, Switzerland, Colombia, Nicaragua, Burma, Miami, and a few of them are even real Houstonians. I love their stories.

Look at these people. So much fun. 

This is the one in the video. We were her first babysitters. Ever.
Her parents were going to apply for citizenship. Love. Love. Love.
Do you see that cuteness? The Littles, not those yay-hoos in their swimming trunks. 
And now we have to move! 
I find myself choking down words I've said to the Sisters. 

We have to love where we are. 
We aren't married to a house or a city or even a church. 
We have to be willing to leave people we love, Jesus did. 
We will never know the awesomeness God has for us if we don't follow Him to it.

So, we've found another house. That was another episode. I hate the part of feeling like I am critiquing someone's home. I feel like a total snot. Like it isn't good enough for us or something. I don't love that. I guess you get better at it the more you do it? 

My Spouse & girls are in the beginning stages of packing right this very second. While I'm here blogging. Awesome.

I better get to helping. Mel's Diner has guests tonight. :)

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  1. Moving IS hard! But one positive thing is the girls are young and still to some degree look at it as an adventure:) I know I always did in the MANY times we moved! And...they are home schooled! What a blessing!

    I know our Jesus will give you HIS perfect strength to pack up the memories and move to HIS next perfect house for you. I know, wherever it is, it will soon be filled with from-the-gut laughs, happy-sad tears, heart healthy hugs:) and MORE beautiful memories...

    Olivia Huron