Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Purge

What's your policy on purging the books?
Is it like other things in the house?
If you haven't used it for six months or a year or whatever that rule is, it goes?

As a mom, a teaching mom specifically, I feel a bit differently about the books. Our home is our classroom, so having a personal library is quite convenient. But, I want space! What with all the Googles available and Kindle and our frequent library trips, I'm just not sure that it's necessary to have shelved books-a-plenty AND boxed books in closets?

I am perpetually gearing up to down-size our living quarters. (That's another post.) If that's the case, we have got to get rid of some of this jazz. We have a generally healthy keep/purge attitude, but the books are different.

And, for the love of Beth Moore what about my completed Bible Study books? I've asked this question before, couldn't decide, so they are still boxed. Moore, Smalley, Chapman, Blackaby. Really. My discernment is off kilter here.

Side Note: Could we stop writing gift notes in books? I've done this myself on a few occasions and I always have this internal struggle. Practically speaking, the new owner may want to give it away or consign it. But, our pearls of wisdom have tainted it with names and signatures and birthday wishes. Is it really necessary to go all Animal Kingdom on it and mark our territory?
Let's all just stop.


PS-- I'm gonna be brave. I'm committing to a thirty-book purge. We will talk about pictures later. 

PPS--If you publish a book, and you DEDICATE the book to me, this is not the same is writing in it. Thank you.

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