Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Cell.

We have been Science-heavy here in this little homeschool lately. When I'm in charge of Science, we may or may not actually do a project. If it's super messy, we've been known to MythBuster that sucker or visit the YouTube Lab. Grinning. 
I would rather read about it and discuss it or write it up.

That confession confessed, I realize that I may not be the best option for the Sciences. When the option is available, I farm it out. Having outside classes has worked well for us; we prefer a more university-style, attending class once or twice a week and most of the work being at home. This year, I farmed out Apologia General Science to a teacher who loves Jesus and points to our Creator in every aspect of Science. It's been an asset to our homeschool.

Until it wasn't. 
It wasn't so brilliant when the Big Sister came home with the assignment to build a Cell Model. She put in she wanted to make a cookie cell model. 
I seriously considered withdrawing her from the class. No joke.
The penalty for early withdrawal is 2 months tuition. Blech.

After a little research Pinterest, I found a few edible 
cell models that didn't make me want to cut myself.
I made the student read over several of them, cause this "is not my project, Little Girl. It's on you. I'll be your supplier and cheerleader." Laughing. But, really. 
I still ended up having to give step-by-step instructions for most of this jazz.

So, here it is, my nightmare:

We'd been stockpiling candy since the Christmas Gingerbread houses. :)

Labeling the parts of the cell.

Then, she assigned candy with a cell part. 

Sugar Cookie Cake. Just waiting. 

Colored icing for the plasma & membrane.

Little Sister helped.

She did it and she was so proud!

Look at that beast of a cell.
Just like most things, the angst of having to do it was worse than the task itself. Isn't that the worst?
Let me encourage you, Moms, if we can do it, anyone can. Real talk.

What's your nemesis of school projects for your kids? Science? PTA stuff?


PS--Thanks for being patient while my blog undergoes a little construction.
Hopefully, it'll be just perfect soon! :)

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  1. What Science can be fun and edible?! Who knew?!? Looks great and looks like Megs might have another blogpost brewing!!