Wednesday, March 26, 2014

13 Promises for the 13 Year-Old

Nicknames: Ellie Mae, Megalicious, Meghan-heimer-snickel-fritz, McGillicutty

The Big Sister turns thirteen today. I'm so excited for her. I'm not the mom that cried at kindergarten or cries at these milestones, I'm genuinely excited for her.

Why won't they still let me dress them?
I do, however, get a sense of urgency.
I am keenly aware that, while I hope to always be a sounding board, my truly influential days are numbered. I'll never not be their momma, but ya know. There are so many things I want my girls to leave the nest with: good flossing habits, a healthy body image, a solid foundation of the Word, and knowing that their parents are flawed people in pursuit of Jesus. I want them to know how to cook some basic meals and keep a house and make it a  home. I want them to know how to speak up for themselves, to call "Bull" when necessary, to know their worth, and to write notes. I want them to live well and love well, to value people over things.
So many things. So little time.

I have a general rule about making promises to my kids, I like to keep us all flexible, but for such an occasion, I thought I'd list thirteen promises I can be sure of today, tomorrow, and most days...

1. The more you know Truth, the more you'll recognize lies.
Plaster your memory with the Word.

2. The issue that you have the hardest time with today will be the very thing that will bring forth your victory in Jesus.
Your weakness is His strength. It's His specialty.

3. You will never regret being classy.

4. You will not immediately understand every decision I make over these next few years.

5. Most of your regrets will be the things you didn't do, rather than the things you did.

6. Jesus in you will always shine brighter than the lipstick on you.

7. It is possible to love your body and want to improve it.
Be strong, healthy, and ready to GO when the Lord calls you!

8. Encouraging others (especially girls) doesn't mean that you are less than,
it means you are strong enough to lift them up.
Be a cheerleader for your people. 

9. The "second mile" is the best mile.
Go the distance.

10. Your heart will lie to you.
Your gut is usually right. The Word is always right.

11. Confidence is not the same as arrogance.
Confidence is an attractive quality, wear it well.

12. When in doubt, overdress.

Cause, ya know, mud.
13. You can never out love me nor out sin me. 
This is not a challenge. Please don't try.

Happy birthday, Sister. I love you more than strawberries.

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