Thursday, April 3, 2014

11 Things I've Learned from Being Her Mom.

Last week, my oldest turned 13. I wrote a post of 13 Promises for a 13 Year Old. 

And, now, this nonsense: this little gardener is 11 today. 

So ridiculous, really. I feel like I just wrote this for her 10th birthday.

Proud gardener at 5.
I tell you what, I just can not imagine a world with out this one. 
She's like a small adult in so many ways, wise well beyond her years.

She's taught me a few things these last 11 years. 

Here's 11 things I've learned by being her mom:

1. Kids will repeat anything you say.
Before her FIRST birthday, I kid you not, this kid was verbal. Spouse was fussing at me for a certain word I use(d) often, warning me that she would repeat it. I was trying to stop saying it, so while I was on the phone with her in the back seat, I was careful to spell out, "C-R-A-P". About 2.85 seconds later, little Chatty Cathy in the back starts repeating, 
"Cee-Aww-Ay-Pee, Cee-Aww-Ay-Pee". Good job, Mom. 

2. Kids want to learn from you.
Seriously. They do. Teach them well. 
Respect their intelligence and, on occasion, let them use power tools.

3. When you wear a uniform, rock it.
She is more than just a cutesy dimple.

 4. "Dealing with yourself is hard, isn't it?" - My Spouse says this when necessary.
Cause, ya know. Mini-me. I've had to learn to handle her in the way I need to be handled, 
not in the way that comes naturally. 

5. Your children will use your words against you.
Because #2 is true, they are listening.
Not really feeling like serving someone at a particular time, she said, respectfully,
 "Mom, people first. This is about relationships." 
She's also been known to say, "Mom, have you had lunch?" on an occasion when I was a little on the hangry side. 
6. Aim high.
Driving through a more affluent area of H-town a couple of years ago, she asked how much a particular house cost. I looked it up and told her, "$5 million. So, if you study super hard and get a great job, maybe you can buy that house." 
She said, "Can't I just marry a millionaire?" Well, there's that.

7. Aim high. No really.
This cutesy sets the bar to just above excellence. She doesn't begin anything she can't pursue with diligence and excellence.  I mean anything. Like make the bed or a school assignment or pack a suitcase.  

8. Your kids see things you don't see.
Open your eyes. Ask them what they see.

 9-11. Any time is snuggle time.
This child is the 'snugglingest' kid ever.

She & Hannah snuggling on a long car ride.

 So grateful to be these yayhoos' mom.

Happy birthday, Little Sister. I love you more than pickle juice.

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