Sunday, May 18, 2014

Go West! Vol. 1: Colorado

Pikes Peak declaring the glory of the Lord. 
This very moment, we are driving North on I-15 on yet another stretch of highway that neither Spouse nor I have ever seen. From the moment we got on a plane to Denver, we have been in a part of the country that we've never been. Such a fun experience for us. 

This is our map-ish.
We reserve the right to change the route at any time. As a matter of fact, this is the third screenshot, I believe. :) It's definitely more of a guideline. 
Y'all know I can't have anything too binding. 
Grinning. But, seriously. 

Since I've been in total Mamarazzi Mode, I'll break these posts up as best I can. 
I mean, if I'm going to bore you with slides of the family vacation, 
I might as well drag it out, right?

Here are a few things about our 30-ish hours in Colorado:

Denver is beautiful. I love this city.
It's so weird and hipster and clean.
Our friend, Ashley, directed us to the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek. Cute little area.
Also, I think Ashley was maybe 13 or 14 when we met her-give or take- and I remember the day she trusted Jesus with her life. Now she is real grownup living in Denver. Whaaat?
Spouse, Me, & Adult Ashley. *Sigh*

Spring is in the air.
We got so excited about a group of prairie dogs in a field just next to a little mall. Seriously, they were right there! So cute. I just started snapping pics like crazy. When I looked through the pics on the computer, I saw this jazz! Inappropriate, Prairie Dogs!

Since we had limited time while Spouse was working, the girls and I drove down to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods. This was the beginning of my love of the red rock.

That's Pikes Peak in the background. Mercy. It doesn't even look real.
Photo credit: The Little Sister.
This place is so awesome. Fantastic, gorgeous weather.

Since we had gone to the place of little g's, I wanted to visit a place that is all about the 
Big G God, so we went to Focus on the Family. :)

Spouse had some things to do in Littleton, so I just had to go by Columbine High School. I felt sort of weird for wanting to see it, but I just did. It was a totally reverent and respectful curiosity.

So beautiful. Littleton is a beautiful little town and we couldn't help but ask for more healing and blessings over its residents. As we saw some little kids at the park, the girls and I wondered if some of their parents were at Columbine High School in April 1999. Crazy.

That evening, we headed over to Grand Junction to get this little trek party started. This road trip has not been a disappointment. We got some serious snow! We thought we'd stop and build a little snowman, but determined that we did not, in fact want to build a snow man. We were too cold and that snow was coming in sideways! Hitting me right in my very eyes!

It looked good on her, though!

And him. :)

I mean, seriously!? Look at it! In mid-May?!
This is our rented minivan. The girls are wanting us to get another one.
So funny.

Awkward yearbook note to Colorado:

Colorado, We don't know each other that well, but I think you are so lovely! I look forward to another little visit next weekend. :) You are beautiful. Don't ever change! Keep in touch! XOXO

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