Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Go West! Vol. 2: Utah.

Ya know, cause it's a road trip.
So, I last shared pics of our time in Colorado. Y'all are so encouraging and I appreciate it. It's cool to have an online scrapbook of sorts.
It's also sort of nerve-wracking for my conspiracy theorist/ Big Brother-is-watching voices, but I shut them up enough to publish this jazz.

Anyway, after leaving Grand Junction, we  headed Southwest a bit, by way of Moab, Utah and Arches National Park.

Amazeballs has never really been part of my vernacular, but it might be now.
I'm serious. If it's even possible to be taken seriously when using the word amazeballs, then I am very serious: this place needs to be added to the list of places to see in 'Merica.

No joke, I'm averaging about 7 selfies a day on this trip.
Embarrassing. But this is cutesy.

It is cool to have kids big enough to take pictures of The Spouses.
Plus, they tend to give me the biz if I get too many of them. 

As we were headed out and further South, we passed Wilson Arch. 
The Big Sister asked, "Can we climb it?" Um. Yep!

So we did. :)

If you know me in real life, you know that I take feet pictures as often as possible.
Here's one of my favorites ever. I mean, of non-beach ones. 
On the way up the side of that rock, I said, "Hey, Y'all. Just so ya know, I'm not climbing this rock for nature & stuff. I'm only doing it for the glutes." Meant it.
The view wasn't terrible, though.

Spouse has this thing about the Colorado River. To aggravate the girls, every river we pass, even a creek, he will say, "Girls, Look! The Colorado River!" It might be Toad Pass, and he's calling it the CR. This was the real deal, so naturally, we took a selfie.

Parting Shot: Somewhere around Monument Valley, the Lord painted a Chevron pattern (or Charlie Brown Zig Zag, if you're me) on the rock. So cool.
Photo Credit: The Big Sister.

Thanks for following along!

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