Monday, September 10, 2012

DFW Review

We have already been in Arlington for about 8 weeks. I can't believe it. We have about 3 more weeks here before heading back down to Houston for, what we think, is a longer term gig. This little season of our family life began back in mid-February when we went to Wake Forest with the intention of checking out student housing. We did. It was great. We came home and it's been crazy ever since! 

My girls have gotten some really neat experiences this year. It's been full of field-trips! 
Since we've been here in Arlington, it has been SUPER hot, so we have mostly visited the water park and the pool. 
Still, here are a few things we've gotten to do (and I recommend) while being here.

JFK Museum/ Dealey Plaza
This was amazing. Meghan was so enthralled; she is hounding us to take her back. We hope to do that! Photographs are not permitted inside, so we just took a few outside. 
The window in the top right of the building above is the 'Shooter's Nest' where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy. I can't imagine what that scene was like. 
Above is one of the X's in the road where the President's car was when one of the shots hit.
Fort Worth Stockyard

Every day at 11:30am, 365 days a year, the Longhorns make their way down Exchange Street. It's tradition, so I had to go see it.

There were maybe 20 longhorns. It was sort of anticlimactic, but I guess it's one of those 'must-do' things.
I just loved this quote.

We made beignets. I'm pretty sure this was during the Olympics. Love the powdered sugar on Meg's face.
Fort Worth Rodeo
We've been to the Rodeo twice. This weekend we went back with some of Mark's coworkers, two are here from the Philippines.
Dinner at Joe T. Garcia's.

Horrid picture, but you can see how fast these boys are moving.
Another one bites the dust...

Me with my new friend, Rowvi! 

We've been hitting up the gym and made a sweet friend in our Body Pump instructor. She is too cool and we are looking forward to a playdate with her and her kids next week. We also had a fun little pool day this past week with a new friend from church. (No pics, boo.)
We've been in a really good little jag with our schooling, too! Yayy! It's a little too workbook-ish for my taste, but ya know, it's not about me. The girls are loving it and they are retaining. I always worry that they are going to be bored with the book work, but honestly, I think it's me that is bored. Not them.

Also, since there aren't many extra chores to be done in an apartment, we were having a hard time finding ways for the girls to make extra money. So, as always, they get $.50 for folding laundry. We've also added .50 for each EXTRA Math lesson per day and each extra Spanish lesson per day, up to $2 a day. I'm thinking this will come in handy when we are moving into our new house in Houston and need a few days away from the books!

Anyway, I fly out tomorrow to Plant City for a quick trip. The movers come to pack up our house on Wednesday. I've put together lesson plans and Spouse will be the substitute teacher while he works from the apartment! Woohoo!! They are going to have so much fun. I've said for years that Mark would make a much better SAHM/Homeschooler than I am.

OK, gotta finish up my packing'!

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  1. Sounds like FUN!! Glad you guys are getting to make some cool memories. Hate to say it but, Texas agrees with you!! Miss your face!!