Saturday, September 29, 2012

Takin' It to the House.

You have no idea how much I wanted to title this "Takin' It to the Hizz-ouse". 
But, Spouse would tell me I'm a spaztard. This is not true. 

I thought about "Movin' On Up!", but then my Millennial readers wouldn't sing: "to the east a deeeelux apartment in the sky-y-y" and that would be important to me, so that one went in the proverbial compost bin. 
(Hilarity from my last post.)
So, that's your title, Friends. Hope you see how much distress I go through over this jazz.

Movin' on.
To the East Side.
To a Dee...

OK. So, last week the girls and I made the ever-so-invigorating 4 1/2 hour drive down I-45 from DFW  to Houston in order to meet with the movers. It was a quick and dirty trip. "Just get it unloaded, we'll unpack what we can and press on back to DFW for our last week." 

I know what you're thinking. 
Why didn't y'all just stay for the week and work on the house? 
A fine question with a couple of answers. I had just traveled to Florida the week before for 4 days to pack up our house. We felt like we had been separated a lot and we just like each other. 
Also, the girls had a class at the Fort Worth Zoo this week AND we had a date with one of our favorite Trinidadian-Millennials on Sunday. We really wanted to take him to FBC Irving. So, that's why. 

7:10am. Big honkin' truck arrived for an 8am appointment. Well, alright. Let's do the thang.
You work for your supper 'round here, Folks. No handouts. No bailouts. No freebies.
My girls DO work. Meghan's job was to check off the sheet while the truck was unloaded.
Notes: Maddy worked a lot, too. But, since I was working, too, there aren't any pics of it. Also, that fan should have never come here. It's not even ours. I don't even know why we had it, but it got loaded.  
JAG, Spouse will send you some $. :)
At one point, I couldn't get out of the kitchen.
My boys, Emmanuel & Moses, had a good time with that. 
One day this will be schoolroom/library awesomeness.
The goal is before our lease is up. Aim high, Kids.
The Acts 1:8 Bathroom.
I want to tell you a couple of quick things before my fam wakes up and the work day begins. 

How we treat people matters. I sincerely appreciate people who are in jobs that provide a service to others. I am genuinely appreciative of cashiers, bank tellers, car washers, servers, movers, and the people who keep public restrooms clean. I GUSH over them. Let me tell you something, they notice. 

It was not a perfect day. There are furniture pieces missing and tables scratched and trinket boxes broken. But, those are just things. 

Emmanuel, Moses, and Chris the Truck Driver are people. 

Emmanuel and Moses told me they were Believers. 

Chris, in his heavy New York accent, 
"I suspected you were a Born Again just by the way you acted. 
People get real bent out of shape over a scratch in a table... 
My uncle is a Born Again and he home schools and his kids are just as polite as yours. 
You don't see that much anymore." 

Thank you, Jesus. These girls made You look good again.

You don't just get McD's Sweet Tea in Texas. You get Texas McD's Sweet Tea. I'm lovin' it.
It's gonna be a rainy day in most of Texas, which makes it a great day to unpack! The boxes are calling' me. 


  1. fish don't fry in the kitchen n beans dont burn on the grill!!! Love you, miss ya'll! Thank you for instilling values like hardwork, politeness, kindness, and value of others more than things in your children. I wanna be just like you when I grow up!! Whenever may be....

    1. Haha!
      Whaddya say we just don't grow up?

  2. Replies
    1. Valerie, Thanks! I love it, too!! (Target.) :)