Monday, November 4, 2013

A Confessional.

We have enjoyed a super cool weekend over here. A coworker of Spouse's- turned- friend has been with us for a few days. Mercy is from Manila, Philippines and is working in the States for a couple of weeks. While she is in Houston, we claimed guardianship of her. Yay, us!

In the spirit of Texas, we took her to eat Mexican food.

We went to a cool corn maze...

We took her to Bayou City Fellowship (No pic, boo) and got a little worldview training with The Truth Project. (If you aren't familiar, click here. It's a fantastic DVD-based study of Christian Worldview.)

There was some exercise...

And, we ate some more...

You know how we thought other cultures tend to view Americans as gluttonous? Yah. We definitely perpetuated that little stereotype. I confess. It was our fault.
We even made Coca-Cola Cake, cause 'Merica.

I've got a few other confessions that some of you will consider borderline sacrilege. Grace, People.
I let some of your junk go, let me tell you! *Grinning* *Eyebrows raised*

Entering the Confessional:

~~I have never seen The Princess Bride. I am not proud of this.

~~I can quote nearly all of Orange County. (Jack Black, Colin Hanks, 2002) I am proud of this. Judge all you want.

~~We were never co-sleepers with our girls. We are co -sleepers with the pup. This is on the Spouse. Since the draft of this post, Maverick has been exhibiting some dominant behaviors (not THAT one), and has been banished to the floor until he remembers that he is the "lowest" in the house.

~~You know how people say, "I don't usually like to be political on Facebook..."? Well, I do! I like political  posts. Political posts are [mostly] intelligent and thought provoking. Giraffes, pink, & bitstrips, not so much. 

~~Follow up to previous: I have a love/hate for Facebook. I love the connection to people, even the ones who refuse Instagram & Twitter (which are 85,648 times better). I think I need to just come off FB each  October (avoiding the Pink, sketchy Halloween costumes, etc). Yah, clearly it's October's issue and not just me being cranky-pants about it. Obviously. I didn't even mention that "Better safe than sorry, I saw this on the Fox News last night..." No, you did not.

~~Speaking of, Fox News is not usually my first news source, Dear Christian Conservative Readers. Mainly because they aren't the first to report breaking news and when they are, they have to correct the information! Bless. I even follow NPR on Twitter. Gasp.

Settling down...

~~I outed someone's secret on Instagram the other day. A precious couple I had met in person just 27 hours earlier. Awesome.

~~I came off Diet Coke for three solid months. With no cheating & eating good. I gained weight. Significantly. Thyroid issues aside, that is ridiculous. I'm now enjoying the nectar again, mostly guilt-free.

~~I've never read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I don't know why.

~~I read nearly every word that David Platt writes. Same goes for Voddie Baucham & Francis Chan.

~~I want to play the drums. Not just air drums or with chop sticks at PF Changs. Real drums. I can't read a lick of music. Is this a problem?

~~I have to extend grace to every pregnant couple who has a Gender Reveal Party. Grace because I have been given grace and because I live in a world where we have gender reveal parties. 

~~People who are super-internally disciplined impress me. Hard work trumps talent or intelligence every time.

~~Spouse and I have a little bit of gypsy in us. Lil bit. 


  1. "I don't want to work, I want to bang on de drum all day!" Love a Coca-Cola cake!!!! Come home!

  2. You should go to Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster... whatever you have... and get Princess Bride NOW. It's INCONCEIVABLE that you haven't seen it yet. And you would totally get that joke if you had watched the movie. :)

  3. Yeah! Why does the dog get to sleep on the "Sacred Bed" and not me! The fav daughter! :P