Thursday, November 28, 2013


I've enjoyed reading some of my friends' post of thankfulness this month on Facebook. I'm learning that writing those sort of daily posts are too lofty a goal for me, so I don't even want to act like I might keep up with that jazz. So, thank you, for reading all mine in one post! 

I am, of course, thankful for Jesus and family and friends, they are invaluable and of immeasurable worth and will certainly make the list. But, let's face it, I'm thankful for a few things that can be bought. No shame up in here.

Here's this year's Thankfulisms:

~Fuzzy socks.

~Cold weather for Christmas decorating. 
I'm obviously out of my mind.

~Road trips.
Our little family does them well.
(This post is brought to you on the quiet stretch of US-82 between Fort Worth and Amarillo.)

Last year I was thankful for new specs. 
Those were cute.

~Soul-stirring blogs, songs, movies, books, etc.
You don't have to agree with everything (or anything) someone 
writes for the words to prick you.

~These Uni•Ball pens. 

~Coffee & Hot Chocolate
Cause it's dang cold in Texas right now, y'all!

~That my heater was fixed in my car today for $50 
at an auto shop I found on a drive by, saying, 
"Lord, show me if these people are sketch!" 

~For this girl:
She has taken care of my girls & now she's on Maverick-watch. 

~The flat-iron.

~The distance from the East to West.

~The phone on which I type. 

~Fleeting moments of scandalous courage 
in which the Holy Spirit is front and center in me. 

~Social media.
For all its faults, encouragement and ministry happens there. 
Plus, there's some funny, thought-provoking people I would've never heard of without Twitter.

~Tweenie Dates.

~That minty-fresh feeling just after a brushin'!

~A Spouse who is willing to try new things with me. 
Settle down. (More on this in a week or so.)

What are your thankfulisms?

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