Monday, January 6, 2014

BIG Beliefs, Little Beliefs.

This is an ongoing list I add to as "needed".
Mostly just for fun are the little beliefs, while some are definitely BIG Beliefs.
I don't take myself too seriously here.  I'd love for you to join in!


The depth of human depravity is frightening.

Dudes need to be reeeeaaal careful with the selfies.
I'm just sayin'. The car selfies with the cleavage? Mmmhmmm.

BA should be an acceptable euphemism.
Because some people just are.

Everybody needs a cheerleader.

Mom Guilt is paralyzing.
And it's of the devil.

Christians argue semantics too much.

The Christmas Card Conundrum is real.
What do you do with all those cutesy photos after Christmas every year?

Having a fire going in the morning makes it hard to hustle.

Flogging is the appropriate punishment for taking someone's favorite pen.

The Chick-Fil-A in the parking lot of my gym is evidence of spiritual warfare.
Every day I go to the gym and skip the CFA is a Victory in Jesus!
I understand it's The Christian Chicken, but it has demonic calories.

First-borns have it rough.
Mine included. 

Cell phone addiction will be the new alcoholism or workaholism.
Jeremy Cowart said this. I believe it.

Yoga pants in the winter = Peasant skirts in the summer.

Sadness is not equal to sinning.

Calling "Right or Wrong" is not judging.

Agree? Disagree? 
What do you believe?

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