Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Most Ridiculous Inspiration Ever.

This is the story of the most ridiculous inspiration ever. Even I, the chronic over-sharer, don't want to share this absurdity. But, I'm trying to pump out 500 words a day.

It's great that things sort of slow down for us a little for the holidays, but then again, it's not. I function more efficiently when I've got things to do, places to go, people to see. It's not that we haven't done anything, it's just that it's been up to me. This is not good. It's been cold. And dreary. And cold. 

We started out watching an insane amount of Psych on Netflix. Naturally, my Invisible Guilty Cloak was becoming more visible as a result, coupled with the fact that my Spouse has been on an awesome gym binge lately. The result: the Psych had to be limited.

We switched to The Biggest Loser on Hulu. Surely this would inspire, yes? I also confession-texted a few friends about my intermittent gym attendance. Seriously. This works. I get excited by other people's successes and their energy, don't you?

Last week, I took my sorry carcass to the gym. It was 34° of ridiculous. I killed it. I came home, took a shower and I don't think I left the house the rest of the day. Did it again the next day. And again and again. One day I went in the morning and then went back in the evening with the Spouse. We're getting there, thank you, Bob & Jillian.

So, this is how I'm bustin' through the Winter Blahs:
-Texting my people for inspiration.
-Biggest Loser.
-Following my Spouse as he's leading our family back to "Active" status.
- Also, for my last few days on the elliptical, I've been watching Alias (again) while on the machine because Sydney Bristow makes me feel all BA.

As of this morning, I've knocked out 7 solid workouts in 6 days.

How's that for a five-step plan? Pretty sure that's a thing. I'm as motivational as Matt Foley!

Have y'all gotten inspiration from some odd or socially unacceptable places?
Let's hear them.

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