Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Year I.

My little friend Debra blogs over at Debra Parker Blog. She wrote an awesome little year-end/year-beginning post and asked for a sentence or two in response. Well, I'm feeling a little ambitious with it being New Year's Day and all.


The year I felt like the perpetual new girl.
The year I went on a shark dive.
The year I got LASIK.
The year I drank a lot of green juice.
The year I got a puppy.
The year I ran four 5K's.
The year I quit on some goals. (With a doctor's note. Smile.)
The year I came face to face with a Mean Girl.
The year I heard the Little Sister say this is home.
The year I got acrylic nails.
The year I slept in a tent on the beach.
The year I bought a camper.
The year I sold a camper. Grinning.
The year I was married for 17 years.
The year I had to buy new jeans.
The year I went horse back riding in Palo Duro Canyon. 
The year I lost a little mojo.
The year I walked in faith on a new level.
The year I was diagnosed with "Recurrent Thyroid Cancer".
The year I decided to pray & juice & retest.
The year I heard "No evidence of cancer cells".


The year I punch in the face.


  1. I may be way late to the party, but I was super excited to read your last line of 2013. Great news!

    1. Thank you for reading and joining this party! Great news, for sure!