Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Confessions of a Snob. Yes, Really.

I loathe pretentiousness. I loathe it. 
It is an inexcusable quality in a person to over state one's own importance. I mean, I know we've all got pride issues, but for whatever reason, this one just gets me boiling.
Then, there's Pretentious's cousin, Snobby. Snobby is always ugly and reeks. 

And, that's me. 
Not about everything. Not about most things, I think. 
But, I confess it. I'm a Beach Snob. I've written about it before and evidently, I have not turned from my whiney ways. 

So, we were in that Gulf Coast season of Sprimmer. Still cool in the mornings and evenings, but warm enough during the day to get excited for the beach.
So, a couple of weeks ago, we decided to load up and give it another go on the Texas Gulf Coast. I can't tell you how many times we have heard, "Oh, y'all are from Florida? Don't go to Galveston." 
But, I'm desperate and stubborn. Stiff-necked, if you wanna go Old Testament. 

I was so hopeful! So excited! 

Until we drove up. Then I was a snob again. But, I'm a nice person, okay!? 
I love Jesus and people and cheering people on and I'm hospitable and welcoming. 
And, I'm sorry. I really am. This is not a sorry not sorry deal. 
I'm embarrassed that I had to fight back real, actual tears of sheer disappointment over it in front of my friends.

Now, I need to qualify this experience and say it was a super windy, chilly day. The sun I was hoping to get was overtaken by the need to wrap up in a towel. None of this is Surfside's fault. :) Spouse, Big Sister, and our friend all had a great time attempting to surf, despite the frigid water and choppy water. I was content to be discontent in the littered, caramel sand looking at the murky water, freezing. I will say, though, it was hilarious. We were giggling about the absurdity of our surroundings and my attitude. I knew it was bad enough to warrant being made fun of even then. Ridiculous.

I don't know how they did it. That water was about 64°.

I was really making a concerted effort to find all the positives in the situation, so I made the decision then to respond to any questions about our beach day with, "I really enjoyed hanging out with our friends!" That's good, right?
Not really. My people are smart, they would keep pressing about it and before I knew it words like "Ugh...brown sand...gross water...junk all in the sand...never again" were falling out of my mouth. 
I mean free falling. 
Just. like. that. I sound like a snob.

But, you know- being me and all- I was not going down like that. 

"Never again" lasted all of six days. I kid you not, the very next weekend I suggested we go right back. Cause Surfside and I WILL, at the very least, be courteous to one another.  We don't have to have share recipes and have a secret hand shake, but we will be polite, daggumit. 
I've seen the Instagrams. I know there are nice places!

Off we went. This time, we took Maverick.
I mean. Really.
There was a bit more sunshine and not as much wind. Yay! That water was, of course, still freezing, so I didn't get in it. The Little Sister and the Pup took a little nap. That was cute.

Spouse even got a little ride or seven.
Of course, the better the wave was, the less prepared I was to catch the shot.

Someone made the comment "poor Maverick's first trip to the beach is here", but he didn't seem to mind it a bit.
For the record, it wasn't me. One of the girls, I can't remember. 
Seriously, though, he was loving it.

That right there is an adorable view.

We weren't down there for too long, but it was a win. I got a little bit of sunshine and I didn't once want to cry. 

It may take a bit before Galveston and I are far enough along in our relationship for a weekend getaway, but I can say that I would meet up for lunch again sometime. :) 

I think I'll bring a rake next time. Evidently, the seaweed has gotten to the point it would make a good Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Alright. Go on. Chastise me, if you need to. 
OR, go ahead and confess your snobby bone.

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