Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Snobs

I think our family may have a bratty bone. A spoiled one. I'm not sayin' as I'm proud to have such a skeletal character flaw, but we have one, just the same. 
We are beach snobs. 
Y'all can have your paragraph-long coffee orders, your sushi, and your whatever-whatever year wine. We are Floridian to the core and are accustomed to our Central/South Florida beaches. Subsequently, we require this standard of beach to be met or better, I'm afraid.

I really wanted to check out Panama City Beach on our way out to Houston this time around and check out a couple of the other beaches of the Emerald Coast. 
We did. It was real. It was fun. But, well, you know.

Panama City was what you would expect: party atmosphere and whatnot. That wasn't our issue, just wasn't our kind of beach town. Hotels, condos, and other buildings were so close together, we couldn't even see the each in between 'em! There was a pretty cool little mall-ish, hangout place with some restaurants, shopping, and stuff. We visited the Life is Good store, Tervis (cool, of course!), and the Ron Jon. We didn't even LOVE the Ron Jon. I'm tellin' you, our attitude was poor by this point! We did manage to get a cutesy picture.

We drove on down the beach a bit, thinking it had to get better! It did. We got some dinner from Publix and took it on the beach. Around Santa Rosa, I think. I will say, the sand up there is powder soft! Glory!

You know what we take for granted? Beach sunsets. I'm not even one that has to go out every night at the beach to see the sunset. I mean, I will, but if we are there for a week I don't feel I have to go out there every night.  But, up there, I felt like I was getting ripped off! I mean, the sunset should be there just in case I want to see it, right!? Bless. Ridiculous.

Burying Maddy's feet.

The Spouses.

Annual Feet Pictures. I have one of these for every summer since Meghan's first beach trip. 
So as not to be a Negative Nancy, I should tell you that we ended up staying the night in Gulf Breeze, FL at Pensacola Beach. LOVED IT!!
We really loved the little town, the beach had great sand, and we ate breakfast at an adorable little place called Native Cafe.
There must have been a hint of red tide, because the water smelled pretty fishy, so we didn't swim, but we liked it. We made some rounds at a few surf shops and talked paddle boarding with a couple of nice locals.

Good times were had by all.

Next posts: The Big Easy and our *new* temporary home.


  1. Spoiled, Suntanned, Brats! Just Kiddin!! Really thought you were "flawless"... I know that Fort DeSoto, Englewood and all Bradenton Beaches appreciate your loyalty!!

  2. Awwww.....bless your heart! My sis lives in Jax Beach and I must say, it is nice when the kids want to surf because of the waves, but that's it. I prefer the Gulf- pretty sand and no rip tides to pull you under. I do enjoy sunsets, however, as a morning person, when I get to go for a walk before everyone else is up and the sun is rising over the water, that's a pretty special "me and God" moment as well. :)

    1. Yes! I like a sunrise when we go to Indiatlantic. I like the mornings, too!