Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our [Current] Temporary Home

Here's a little info about our current temporary living situation. :)

After being in a little (560 sq ft) 2 bedroom hotel room for almost 2 weeks, we were thrilled to get to move to a new apartment. We needed a little more elbow room.
In such a short little time, we had begun to bond with our sweet hotel staff. They were so cutesy with our girls and made cookies for Spouse. Score.

The day we checked out, we had this package left for us, filled with goodies.
Is this presh?
Cookies & Candy: Our Love Language!
They left us a sweet note. Seriously?
Who gets this when  they check out of a hotel?
I really wanted to stick it out at the hotel (for the rewards points) but it was tight living space. We didn't rack up many 'points', but we got a love note! Way better!

We moved to our apartment last week. Whoa. 

King and Queen Quarters.
Maddy is pumped to have an island countertop in the kitchen.

Pool. Yes. Thank you, Jesus.
I fell asleep and dreamt I had this really fab pool, then I woke a really fab pool!!!
So, our first day out to the pool, we get to chatting with some of our new neighbors.  One sweet couple had just taken a huge step of faith in their walk with Jesus, when the wife quit her job to pursue her dream of photography. We met her sister who works for The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators, which is steps from our apartment complex! The sister's roommate is a high school teacher at a local Christian school, just up and moved to DFW from Ohio to work in this school. We learned that The Seed Company is an accelerated program of Wycliffe and that about 7 of their employees live in our complex because they walk to work. Another sister was visiting with her two home schooled kids. A Christian couple is in charge of all the fun community events at our complex, which they view as part of their personal ministry! This morning they were having a pancake breakfast out at the pool. The whole crew we met that day were headed to the Glen Beck "Restoring Love" event that night! Seriously. Love this place!
Meghan also wanted me to point out that every single person at the pool was appropriately dressed. Ha!

Not a bad temporary home. :)

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  1. Your new apartment looks great! I'm so happy you have so much more space and, of course, the awesome pool! Have fun. :)