Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Controversy and my 11 year-old

My girls are participating in a little sports camp this week. They are doing horsemanship, gymnastics, rock climbing, swimming, archery, flag football...a whole bunch of good, active fun stuff.

At one point during the day on Monday, they were on a nature walk and this conversation happened:

Camp leader to no one in particular: What did y'all eat for breakfast today?
Meghan: I had Chick-Fil-A.
Leader: Oh, I don't eat Chick-Fil-A. I hate Chick-Fil-A!
Meghan: What? It's so good! It's the Christian Chicken!
Leader: That's why I don't eat it! Cause it's Christian.
Meghan: Are you not a Christian? You don't believe in God? Can I tell you how to be a Christian?
Leader: No. I don't need some 10 year old telling me what I have to do.
Meghan: I'm 11 and I don't mean to tell you what you have to do, I just want to tell you what you COULD do.
Another Leader: I am a Christian, and this conversation is over.

Blessed assurance.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

First, let me say "Praise King Jesus, she is her mother's child!!" What a champ my kid is!? Rock on, in Jesus's name, I say!

After I say that, I say: Really, Camp Counselor? Meghan is 11. She had no idea about any sort of controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A. She just likes Chicken Minis. A question was asked and she answered. Beautifully.

So, Meghan told me about this little episode just after we left. I immediately made a U-Turn right on back to the gym. I had a very pleasant conversation with the director, who agreed that my child did not need commentary about her choice of breakfast. The director was very complimentary of my girls and their manners. She was impressed with Meghan's boldness. Me, too.

Now. What if I told you that the counselor is a 19 year-old female that is nearly physically unrecognizable as a female by her own choosing. Short hair, cap on backwards, basketball shorts, oversized shirt, big, honkin' basketball shoes. You get the picture. Cute as she can be, but obviously very confused.

I noticed her the day we went to check out the camp and she made an impression on me; I got a little 'check' in my spirit about her. I thought, "Ya know. This is good. It will be good for my girls to be exposed to a little bit of darkness so they can truly be a light." I am not saying the counselor is dark, I am just implying that this is not a Christian camp. I knew it was secular and I made a decision that, in this instance, this would be a good experience for them. Our prayer every morning has been that they would be a light to the counselors and the other campers. I reminded the girls that there has to be some darkness for the light to be necessary.

Meghan had to work through that awkwardness and whatnot with the counselor. This is teaching her how to deal with people and gave us some great conversation at home.

Also, Meghan got Camper of the Day on Tuesday.

I am so proud of my kid.

Let me ask you, "Who was doing the hatin'?"


  1. With tears in my eyes I have to say that your children are as incredible as their mom and dad are!! I am proud for you and of her. This is an awesome day in the Lord!!!!

    Debbie G

  2. The MOST intolerant are those that preach tolerance. I'm tired of being told that I need to adjust my ways of thinking! Thanks for the post friend! - Courtney

    1. Yes! I'm tired of being told to "lighten up"!