Friday, August 3, 2012


Passion 2012.
Just as a nursing mother cares for her children, 
so we cared for you. 
Because we loved you so much, 
we were delighted to share with you 
not only the gospel of God but 
our lives as well
1 Thessalonians 2:7-8

Dear BrookeReuelJessicaBrianEvanTarynJustinMartyJustinCrystalStephen

We know this kind of love. Y'all have shared with us the gospel of Christ, a love for His Word, and day to day living. I love having you in my home. I love UNO and Catchphrase and Madea and Buffalo Chicken Dippin' with you. 
There is no one I'd rather eat Salt & Vinegar chips with than Jessica. No one I'd rather discuss conspiracy theories with than Reuel. I would talk about child rearing with Brooke before I'd talk about it with James Dobson. Nobody loves us like Marty. And, I love the moment when Taryn finally speaks, because it's going to be good. BeeFearnow, too. He's deep. I can't imagine rocking babies with anyone but Krista. Tree & Jonathan are the best to answer my home-improvement questions when I can't get ahold of Spouse. If you wanna know right from wrong, just ask Hannah. I dig that she and I think in absolutes. I love getting Cruzado and Betsy fired up. Ben and Jesse inspire me to work hard. Britney laughs at my jokes and loves my kids. I look forward to Justin's future well-digging businesstry (business/ministry).  I love just being in the same room with Alix and Currie. Gracious. I can't stand it.

We have all come so very far these past few years in our individual walks with the Lord. The way we read Scripture has changed. We see movies and pop culture and arts and music all differently. You are no longer on spiritual milk. We went SOLID. We use words like 'worldview' and 'assumptive language'. We have experienced graduations, engagements, death, and a whole lot of life together.

Do you get it? I dig you. I straight up love Jesus in you. 

This morning (Thursday) I had a meltdown at the thought of leaving you for an extended period of time. I pulled over in a Wal-Mart parking lot and had myself a cry fit for daytime television.

I told Jesus out loud in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Somewhere, Texas, [You are the 'them' and 'they']
"Fill me with more of You so that I don't need them. Still, I want them. I like them. Fill them with so much of You that they don't need me. But, I still want them to want me...but...not so much that they can't want someone else. Lord, send someone quickly that will run in this life with them and lead them to the Truth."

Y'all, glean from Barry. Soak up whatever you can learn from him. He and Courtney have accomplished so much already in their lives. They have many experiences for y'all to learn from. Love them. Let them love on you. Love on their babies. Teach Courtney to play Nervous Uno, but watch out, I bet she's a hitter. Don't stay at their house too late, cause their kids are little. Make them dinner. They are the real deal. Text them encouragement.
Laura and her girls need you. She loves you and has poured into you in ways you don't even know. If you've ever gotten a birthday card or gift card, it is because Laura Storter sent it. She doesn't do the stuff that you see like I do--she has been doing the stuff you don't see for years! She has been where you are (young, in college, wondering what to do next...). Laura Storter is an excellent source of counsel.
Every time the Dickersons invite you into their home, go. You will be better for it.
Let Julie teach you how to really pray. Introduce Ray and Julie to Madea. Warn them first and give them my Madea speech about redemption, but introduce them. Get their phone numbers and text them invites to the Barbecue with you. They will likely struggle with the LIE about not being able to relate to y'all, but don't let them believe it. Help 'em out a little bit. Encourage 'em.
Love on, Coach, too.  Consider all the ways you can spur him on toward 'love and good deeds', Hebrews 10:24 style. He thinks so highly of y'all.

I don't know if your next leaders will make you play ice-breaker games or stand on the chair or talk about chlamydia. I don't know if your next leaders will know what Buffalo Chicken Dip is or say 'straight up' and 'bless'. They may not even like the beach. Gasp! Maybe they will actually know how to work the electronic devices or play an instrument!? Maybe they won't hit you with flip-flops!? Maybe they will take you deeper in the Word than we ever could and you are SO READY!

I do know that they will love you. And they will love you good.

But, not like I do.

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