Saturday, February 9, 2013

BIG BELIEFS, Little Beliefs

I believe...

Everybody's got a story. 
If and when and to whom they choose to tell it is theirs to decide, 
but rest assured, everybody's got one.

The Granthams put the noble in nobility.
Downton Abbey, Friends. I'm totally drinking the tea.

It's good to be known.

This is what nostalgia looks like:
Have a soft spot for the Frogskins.
Spouse bought me my first pair in high school. Awwee.

Boys need the opportunity to 'give chase' in a dating relationship. 
They need it, Girls. Make 'em work a bit. ;) (And by boys, I mean men.)

Chocolate milk never goes out of style.

Love is a decision.

The biggest lie about homeschooling: you need patience to do it. 
Ba. Ha. Ha.

"Kickin' it old school" needs to be more than a pop-culture phrase. 
We need to get back to some old ways of thinkin' and livin'.

Divorce is the easy way out. 
(Most of the time.)

Dimples are cuter on a baby's bottom than mine.

My Blender Bottle makes me feel so fine. It keeps me rockin' all of the time.
(Red, Red Wine. Neil Diamond to UB40 to Bob Marley.)  

Texas is nothing like I thought it would be. 
It's way better. It's the people. I'm all about the people.

A rainy day nap is just further evidence of God's favor on me.

Parents should use every social network that their kids use.
This is not just for safety, that's a no-brainer. This is also to teach social networking "social skills". 
For example: Do not "like" your own photos or comments, 
do not "like" every. single. photo. that your friend posts,
do not post requests for texts, do not air family private business, etc.

Prayer is powerful.

Parenting is a multitude of split-second decisions that only end at adult-thirty.

You never get too old or too godly to do something stupid.

Sunshine is the best form of Vitamin D.

The answer to leadership issues, family issues, injustice, social issues, and government is Jesus.

What do you believe? Any of these resonate?
I love to hear from readers.

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  1. Love this! You may have inspired me to do one of these post again....reaaal soon :)