Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Afraid

It's time for another Five Minute Friday!

Here are the rules.

If you have a blog--you should so do it.

It's Five Minutes of pure blog adrenaline.

Five minutes of writing on one word. Period. No editing. No nothing.
This week's prompt is Afraid.

Ready? Set.

I'm pretty sure I have a fear of being afraid. And, a fear of my girls being afraid.

I'm not brave, I just don't want fear to paralyze us from obeying God's instruction.

We closed the door to the girls' nurseries from the beginning. When they were in bed, door closed. No nightlight business. I figured they were in the dark for 40 weeks, they were fine with it. I believe that a lot of fears are learned.

They didn't watch Veggie Tales "Where's God When I'm Scared?" because I didn't want it to occur to them to be afraid.

We didn't use those safety rail things on the big beds. "What if they fall off?" Well, the first night or two, I put a couple of pillows on the floor, although they didn't need them. Some mommy friends guilted me in to the pillows.

Spouse worked a later shift during Meghan's toddling and preschool years. He made it to many park days. When Meg wanted to climb the crazy climby spiral thing, he taught her how. Let her go. Mom's went all bat crazy and some were annoyed at us: now their kids wanted to climb! She was 2. They were 4!! Dude. Really?

I got mad when another child asked my child if she was afraid to fly. What?? Nooooo!! We pray for our pilot and crew, but we are not going to be afraid. I mean it, it never occurred to her to be afraid of it until then.

SCUBA diving and zip lining and riding all the horrid unsafe rides at the Strawberry Festival and fairs and when we wore out a trampoline, we bought another.

We sit on toilets and wash our hands for the love of Cher.

Go. Do the hard stuff. Climb ladders and mountains and tell the story of Jesus.

Again. I'm not a brave person. I'm going to do what I can to see that my girls are brave to make Jesus known.

Ughhh!!! There's never enough time! I'm just getting fired up! :)


  1. WOW! I think after reading this that you are pretty brave. You are brave to try to teach your children about fear from a perspective that doesn't seem popular. Your determination to protect your children but also not want them to live in fear when this world is a pretty terrifying place is brave. This post is brave. Thank you for being so courageous with your faith, your fight and your desire to show Christ.

  2. You. Are. Awesome. I literally stumbled across your blog via that crazy #fmfparty hashtag and noticed you're followed by someone else whose writing I admire (Holley Gerth). But Oh My Goodness. You're hilarious. I was all nodding my head at what you do (I chose the unpopular route as well) and thinking, "You GO, girl!" Keep doing exactly what you're doing. You will NOT be sorry.

  3. You did great. Glad you're back. It's gettin real up in here!

  4. I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!

  5. Your perspective is a refreshing break from the fear so many of us with little ones wrap ourselves up in. Love that you teach them bravery and that your goal is to be brave to share Christ. Love that!

  6. Love that your teaching them to not be afraid and trust Jesus!! Beautiful