Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stop It. Stop It Right Now.

Friends, Americans, Countrymen, Mommas, Adults, Youngin's, All Y'all--Lend me your ears.

There are a few things, for the sake of all that is good and pure, that we just gotta stop doing. Some of these things are not easy, but we must. This is not an all-inclusive list and some of the following items are cheeky or snarky and some are dead serious. 

Listen. I'm guilty of a few things on this list, so hold me accountable! I've got to do some 'stoppin', too! I'm compiling this list for the good of all mankind!

Let us stop...

Keeping up with the Joneses.

Going out of the house without asking your most brutally honest
friend or family member, 
"What does this getup say about me?"

Letting other people change the world. 

Withholding forgiveness.

Sitting so much. 

Ignoring God.

Selling humans.

Comparing ourselves to others.

Attempting to pack 200++ lbs. into a little 'ole string bikini. 
At a waterpark, no less! Good gravy! (Doh! I bet it was! Bah!)
I don't judge the 200lbs. I judge the string bikini.

Withholding encouragement and compliments. This is FREE! Give FREELY!

Eating out so much.

Skipping church. Just go--not for Peter's sake,
or even for God's sake--for your sake.

Making excuses.

Entertaining ourselves to death.

Keeping everything we get or make for ourselves.
Give stuff away! We have too much!

Watching so much TV. Read, Man, Read!

Doing every little thing that makes us happy.

Being afraid of failure. Try and fail! At least you did something!

Looking in the mirror so much.

Ignoring the Comment feature on brilliant blog posts.

What do you think we 'just gotta stop'?


  1. I just realized yesterday morning as I was attempting to exercise that I have "Can't Touch This" on my phone playlist. Wow. My kids thought my moves were hilarious.
    Seriously, though, I agree, I agree, I agree, and I agree.

  2. yes,yes,yes! My lame excuse for not commenting on blogposts is that it is difficult to do on my phone and I rarely sit down to the computer. I will try to 'stop' but no guarantees. :-)

  3. We gotta stop making excuses for not having a regular quiet time.

  4. We've got to stop misusing God's name . I hear Christian say "oh my God" over & over & it is not in a respectful God fearing way.