Monday, July 16, 2012

If You're Gonna Play in Texas...

It's another Road Trippin' blog post!

We are on the road to Arlington, TX, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 
Couple of Randomisms for ya:
  • We are living proof that God has a sense of humor. And a plan. As we were packing up this morning and joking around, I said, "Welp. We're going to Arlington!" Spouse said, "Yep. It ain't Manila!" Dang. No, it ain't! Bless us. We just have to laugh!
  • Florida beach people going to Houston, Texas and loading up to go to Cowboy Country in the middle of summer. Good grief. Landlocked.
  • We don't own boots. Just flip flops and running shoes! Well, Spouse has dress shoes. 
  • The girls and I didn't even bring a single pair of jeans. 
  • Our Pandora station is even reflecting the change: Jimmy Buffett Radio to Aerosmith to GooGoo Dolls and Maroon 5 to now--sit down--Spouse has us listening to Alabama Radio. And we love it! We are, at this very second, "Walking in High Cotton"!
  • It's a temporary trade, just some mood music--we are not trading in our GooGoo Dolls. :)
  • The humidity in Dallas area today is 59%. Yay, for good hair!
  • We passed a truck with a paddle board and a NOTW sticker and I wanted Spouse to chase the guy down so we could be friends! What? Like you've never thought that!
  • I was a little bummed this morning when we were driving away from that skyline I have grown to love. Not to be confused with the all-out depression I feel when I drive away from a coastline, but it stung a little. I mean, I like it here, but let's not get crazy.
  • Pandora Alabama Radio plays a lot of songs about Texas.
  • If you're gonna play in Texas, it's gonna be hot. 
  • When our family uses the phrase 'get home' or 'at home', we have an understanding that means the temporary home in which we are sleeping in now. Kind of funny and pitiful, but such a lesson in biblical living.
  • Dude. The devil is now going down in Georgia. I gotta go. I can't even focus.
God bless Texas.

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