Sunday, July 1, 2012


Happy Sunday! I've got a little Week-In-Review for you--an online scrapbook, if you will. 

This time last Sunday I was nursing an episode of Strep Throat and glued to the radar watching Tropical Storm Debby's path. I am not fearful of storms, but I do become obsessed with watching that ever-popular 'cone of uncertainty'. I like to see the storm moving on the radar, ya know? Thank the Lord, we only had to deal with heavy rain and a little power outage. 
So, with Strep and rain, Sunday and Monday were fairly uneventful. 

Tuesday was declared "Tuesday Skate".  The girls and I joined few of the Millennial Loves for ice skating. It was ridiculously freezing in there, who'da thunk it?, but we all had a great time. I didn't skate, I was in charge of bags and photography. 

Meg, Caleb, Maddy, Jessica, Ham
She fell about 18 times and didn't care a bit. Tough chick.
So, after ice skating and some Christian Chicken at Chick-Fil-A, we went roller skating at my old school hangout with some friends from church. And, I definitely skated. There are no pictures, but I did.
This may have been the Hokey Pokey.

My girls and some sweet friends after roller skating. 
 We also attended the graduation ceremony for our friend, Marty, He finished up his Reserve Deputy Academy for Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. It is a really neat ceremony. These Reserve Deputies are especially neat because they go through the Academy at night and most Saturdays for a full semester in order to VOLUNTEER! Dedication, Kids.
The Lord will keep you from all harm-
He will watch over your life;
The LORD will watch over your coming and going,
both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121:7-8

My crew was feeling benevolent, too, and invited me to tag along with them for a beach trip. I thought about it long enough for her to finish her sentence and said, "Beach? Yes! Yes! Beach!" It is always a big deal when our college students include us in their plans. They are pretty sweet like that.
This is what the beach looked like, courtesy of Tropical Storm Debby. This is real live beach erosion, Y'all. We had to wade through ankle to knee deep water just to get to the beach! Crazy!

It was less than desirable to carry all our stuff through that water. It's watcha gotta do for some fun in the sun.

Johnny the Builder. Can he build it? Yes, he can! Just give him a toothpick. He'll build you a house with that thing!
Jon, Meg and me on the sandbar. Can you even call it a sandbar? It was like another beach!
The girls and I decided to kill some time over at the St. Pete Pier/ Baywalk area before time to go pick up the Spouse from the airport. I love these little spontaneous detours!
Stopped at Sweet Diva's for some ice cream. See how cooperative they are? Happily taking a picture?  That is how good this stuff was!
Bless that dimple!

In addition to volleyball, basketball, swimming, soccer, surfing, SCUBA, and reading--Meghan now wants to go to sailing school. She needs a sponsor.
Trying not to blow my diet, the girls let me stop at a cutesy little park bench and eat my hummus and pretzel chips.  Generous of them after having that awesome ice cream!
Just before we went to TIA, we drove on over to get a good view of the sunset in Clearwater. The dimple-faced Mini-me snapped this one. 

Is that lovely?

As I type, we are in a little North Florida town in the panhandle. No joke, we just passed the Gadsden County Fire Department/Public Library. Same building. Looked like it was an old house. Bless their pea pickin' hearts.

So, thanks for ridin' along with me! Please pray with us for this next trip to Houston. We are looking forward to a few more adventures and some family time with Jesus. Wondering what He's got waiting for us this time!? Prepare us, Lord, and we'll be ready!

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