Saturday, July 7, 2012

What is God Asking You to Do?

A day or so ago, Susie Davis over at Good News Girl posted this video, and asked,

"What is God asking you to do?"

What an elementary, yet profound, question. Watch this video, then ask yourself again.

What IS God asking you to do?

Remember, this question isn't "What is God asking you NOT to do?" Some of those are easy: don't lie, don't steal, don't be a home wrecker...ya know.

What is God asking you TO do?

Is He asking you to face forward when everyone else is facing the back wall? 
Is the Maker of Heaven and Earth asking you to wear your hat when everyone else takes theirs off?
They are going to think you are nuts, you know that, don't you? 
Some of your fellow elevator patrons are going to think you are irresponsible. Even though they are supposedly going the same place you are. To them, we should all ride the elevator the same.
Or, could it be, the Lord wants us ALL to ride the elevator facing in a different direction? As individuals with a common goal?

I think it's only fair that I answer the question that I've passed on to you.

We are choosing, for this season, to stay facing forward. We have been in Houston for 3 months, and we came back on Tuesday with the intention of staying another 6 weeks or so. 

Then God spoke.

He said, "Go." Again. Yet, again! It's getting hilarious, really.  

Even though our rent is paid in this fab apartment through August, we are leaving here in about a week for the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. I'm going to have to change this blog to "Gypsyisms".

Laugh out loud. Go ahead. Meghan was laughing so hard she was nearly hyperventilating. She is pretty sure we should score our own reality show. 

We could go as early as this week, but I bought us tickets to a Houston Dynamo game and I really want to go. (Not sacrificial, I know.) And, we just got here! Bless! We have a list! I know, fleh-fleh-fleh with the list. We are going to try to get in a playdate or two with our Houston friends before taking off, too. 

Here's a little Q&A for the other "Busy-Body, Melissa-types" out there (You know who you are!):

How long will you be gone?
The assignment is 60-90 days. We are 'planning' (Bah!) for the end of September. I chuckle even typing it.

What is Mark's job?
Well, if we know each other personally, I will tell you privately, so call me. It's a financial institution. I'll say there are some personnel issues out in the Dallas area that Mark was asked to handle. Some folks around the company have realized that he is quite mobile as long as his girls come along, too, so they asked if we'd be interested. We would. It is a completely different side of the business, but this guy is good at building people. He is a good manager, so I have every confidence that he will do what needs to be done. 

Why are you going? 
I think the real question is, "Why not?" We don't have to go. We could say, "No".
We don't want to say "No".
My guess is someone out there needs a friend. Why not me? Why not us?

Where will you live?
We will start out with the Suite Life again, and decide from there.

What about the girls?
My kids are awesome. They are getting some great experiences and are seeing the Lord work. My sweet friend, JoBeth, told me that we have prepared our girls for this from the time Meghan was 3 months old and we took her off to her first Student Life Youth Camp. 

What about the girls' school?
Next question.

Will you come home at all?
Yep. We've got a wedding in August! We will fly home for that. 

What are your long-term plans?
This question is two-fold.
1. My new long-term plans are to not make any long-term plans.
2. We are just going to see where this takes us.

Gracious. I think that's it.

Now, back to the original question:
What is God asking you to do?

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