Friday, July 6, 2012

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouller!

"Let the Good Times Roll"
OK. Cheesy, I know. But, how often is it that I could use that phrase!?

Judge all you want.
I love New Orleans.
I do. I love it in all its depravity. I know some of their 'good times' need to come to a screeching halt. I am not a drinker (and everything smells like beer), I abhor the debauchery there, & I probably would not choose to raise my kids in that city,  but THE PEOPLE!!
I love how they LOVE each other and their city!
And, let's not forget the food. Bless my heart, I love that food.

I would enjoy making friends with an older, preferably black, grandma type woman in New Orleans.
Listen. I'm just sayin' is all. Just to glean the mad-cooking skills!

Anyway, the last time we were here, Maddy said she was sure "the Holy Spirit doesn't even come here." Well, she's over it.  She had some awesome food and beignets. She doesn't love it, but she doesn't detest it, either. :)

While were ate dinner at Cafe Maspero, we met a sweet group of short-term missionaries from a little church in Valdosta. This youth group was  on mission in partnership with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. They were easy to recognize with their matching T-shirts, so I had to go chat with them.  They were cutesy.

My friend, Angie, recommended this place. I do, too. I had my first Muffaleta. Bless. I'm gonna attempt to make one.
The proof that the Holy Spirit does, in fact, come here.
Since Maddy didn't match us, she had to be the one take the picture. ...KIDDING!
The Marine Corp & Navy Bands were giving a concert at St. Louis Cathedral. It was top-notch patriotism. Even in the church all I could smell was beer. I guess beer must be like Doritos. They only smell  good to the person drinking it/eating them.

So, I saw this street artist with a cutesy little boy with him, and his tool box had "Ron Paul 2012" stickers all over it. He had signs up asking for no photos because he "already has enough copycats!", so I didn't get a picture. I just HAD to go talk to him, though. I asked him how people respond to his conservative displays. He was so cool! He said that most people visitors give him "thumbs up", and that he's only gotten in one fight with a carriage driver who was nasty to him.
Anyway, he went on and on about how he is the "token black guy" of his local Republican Club, and he is trying to get his family to see that they are really NOT Democrats when they look at values. He is the only registered Republican in his family of Christians. He said he gets so aggravated! He has a sister that just had to pay $59 this year in taxes for the first time, so she is just now coming around! Haha! I could have hung out with him and that cutie-patootie kid of his all day.

Night swim!
It was a good trip.

We took a little carriage ride through the French Quarter. I didn't want to spend the money. Spouse insisted. It was a good move. Our guide, Mark, was grand. He was articulate and answered all my questions--point for him! :) 
Of course, to get all up in his business, I asked him how long he had been in NOLA. He grew up here, but was in Kosovo and Bosnia for 27 years and just came back to New Orleans last August.  He has 3 boys, the oldest is 16. That means all his kids were born overseas. Hmmm...My spidey senses were tingling. So, we chat and he gives us the tour and some info on the city.  He seemed to be focused on the Cathedral, Micaela Almonester Pontalba, the Convent, schools, etc...I found this curious. 
We learned that Micaela lived in 3 different countries by the time she was 9 years old and she never left New Orleans. It was Spanish owned, the French owned, the American. I had a little proud mom moment, when Meghan could hold her own in conversation about the Louisiana Purchase, too! Maddy said she did 'Carriage School'. See, they are finally understanding that learning can take place anywhere!

Well, shockingly, at the end of our ride, Spouse (!!) asked him what he was doing in Kosovo for 27 years. He is learning!! So, check this. Our little friend, Mark, was a missionary with Assemblies of God Churches. He was a church planter, among other things. And, now...he is back to his home. It was a neat time to encourage him and I think we even felt a little encouraged by him, for no specific reason.

Maddy, with Elvira, our mule.
There is so much history and life in New Orleans.
It is a really unique place.
I can see why the locals are so loyal.

Imagine a city like New Orleans trading its hedonism for a passion for Jesus? What a party. It could so happen.


  1. LOVEEEE IT!!! This might be my favorite one!! Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

  2. You're favorite? Really? It's cause of the beignets, isn't it?? :)