Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Quiet

It's a Five Minute Friday Party!

Here are the rules.

If you have a blog--you should so do it.

It's Five Minutes of pure blog adrenaline.

Five minutes of writing on one topic. Period. No editing. No nothing.
Ready? Set.


A good number of mommas would say that 'quiet' is the stuff dreams are made of.

I get it.

Kids are hungry, "needing" new shoes, have tummy aches, and wanting you to read "Fish Out of Water" yet again. The phone is ringing. There is a program at church. It's time to help out with the Thanksgiving something-something at school, your own mom wants to talk to you about her sciatica,  and then the dryer has the audacity to buzz!

I remember when I realized that my only uninterrupted 'quiet time' was doing the loudest thing: mowing the yard. I would pop in a movie for the girls and mow the yard. They wouldn't interrupt.

I would welcome the noise for the quiet. That is so like me. Full of contradictions.

Now, I've got a preteen that likes to read in her room alone. I limit it because this house gets too quiet.  Spouse is working. Homeschooling two girls isn't a rowdy kind of event. We've just moved to a new city, with a little more space in the house.

We don't have it full of people and Bible Study and energy...yet. It's happening slowly.

I say, quiet is overrated.


This reminds me of the "Quietness of Downtown Houston" post I wrote back in the spring. Hmmm...I really am full of contradictions.


  1. Hi! I'm doing Five Minute Friday, too.

    I have to laugh because your take on Quiet is the opposite of mine. I adore it, but understand why most other people find it tedious.

    With your positive attitude, I'm sure that you'll fill your new house with people and energy in no time at all.

    [This is my third attempt to get Blogger to take my comment. *grumble*]

    1. Ally, thank you for commenting--3 times!
      Thank you for your encouragement!

      Is it my settings that are giving you trouble posting a comment? These things are frustrating sometimes...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Denise, for your faithful responses! :)

  3. A wonderful reminder that these crazy loud 'little kids days' will pass in good time so cherish them now. Love that mowing the lawn was for awhile your 'quiet' time.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I so resonated with doing something "loud", like mowing the lawn, to get a little quiet. As a former Floridian living in New England, I didn't realize how good my tan had it. ;) Praying that you find your home filled with activity and fellowship sooner than soon!

    1. Oh, Sister! We have been here off an on for a few months, with the permanent move Oct. 1 and my tan is suffering! Dying to self, I keep saying. Dying to self!