Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday--Roots.

So, at the urging the Most Illustrious Mom, I joined in the Flash Mob of #FiveMinuteFriday posts from Lisa Jo Baker.

One topic. Five Minutes of writing with no editing, no prep, nothing.  I did it just now, with the timer. It was hard. Once I got going, I really wanted more than my five minutes!! But, I didn't cheat.

Here it is. Timer set.



Roots are tangled. Messy looking. Sometimes they are strong. Sometimes healthy, sometimes very unhealthy. But, they are still roots. Still a foundation.

Beyond that the root comes up into some rough bark. Inside of that rough bark is the smooth interior. Lines that may show age and tell a story or 2 or 87.

Did you know when the lines on the inside of a tree trunk are close together, that's when the tree received a lot of water and nourishment? When the lines are further apart, this indicates a lack of water or even drought? What can be read in between the lines?

Further from the roots, healthy or not, beyond the rough bark and smooth interior--is the bloom.

Amazing. The bloom will come, as long as the roots are alive, regardless of the root's condition.

Oh, there is so much more here.



  1. Once you start being aware, there is a spiritual lesson in everything, isn't there!

    1. Yesss!! Exactly!! I was thinking, "This is gonna be an object lesson sometime real soon!"

  2. Found you at 5 Min Friday and just read several of your recent posts! I love your voice. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Katherine, Thank you!! Really! Thanks for taking the time to leave an encouraging comment! This was my first FMF post!

      Blessings back atcha!


  3. Spiritual and you squeezed in some science. Overachiever :) Glad you tried it. It makes it more fun. Great post.

  4. O girl! You've got to expand on this ! Beautiful. Stay close to Jesus.

  5. Found you through Tara's blog "A Brew of Blessings". Once I got to the bottom of this post I was wishing your 5 minutes wasn't up... I'd like to read more! (:

    I also read through a couple of your posts about moving... and can relate. Glad to have found your blog.