Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Stay.

It's time for another Five Minute Friday!

Here are the rules.

If you have a blog--you should so do it.

It's Five Minutes of pure blog adrenaline.

Five minutes of writing on one topic. Period. No editing. No nothing.
Ready? Set.



Go. Stay. What?

You say "stay" and my first thought is "go". (Maybe 'cause I just typed it?)
Sorry! I'm not arguing, it's just that Jesus said to "Go"!

That doesn't necessarily mean 'go permanently', but I do believe we should go, at some point.

OK, back to stay.

With my girls, I am tempted to say "stay little", but they would disobey.
Stay with American Girls and Nancy Drew and tennis and basketball.
Stay with me.

But, if I do my job, they will hear "Stay." and think "Go!", even if I'm the one to say it.

"Go and make disciples...."