Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Work: STILL Under Construction! :)

Remember that one time, last week, when I had a week of doctor appointments leading up to a Body Scan on Friday? Here's the story.
Well, I did it.
Got injected. ("Which cheek?", she says.)
Swallowed Radioactive Iodine. (Jealous?)
Got a blood draw. (Blood suckers.)
Got the scan. (50 minutes of not moving.)
All week, I kept thinking this is so dumb. I'm feeling good, I don't need to subject myself to the radiation, this is a waste of time and a bunch. of. money.
But, it was already started and Spouse said I had to. So, we go.

Ready with my special bracelet!
So the pill is in this little canister. So weird.
 48 hours later...on Friday...
Looks comfy.
It wasn't bad. 
I got a nice, warm blanket, so I tried to sleep,
but as soon as I got in the thing I had to go to the bathroom.
Something about being trapped.
Plus, I kept thinking how my Superman friend, Mike,
used to flip out like a school girl in these things. Spouse & I had a giggle.
We miss him.
The appointments weren't bad, really. Plus, I didn't really care cause I am feeling so very good! Getting my thyroid levels in a good place has made all the difference in the world! I've felt back to my Getter Done self. Punching my to-do list in the face, going to the park, cleaning my (horrific) room, catching up (!!) on laundry, schoolin' the Sisters, schoolin' the Sisters at Rummy, lying about schoolin' the Sisters at Rummy, getting my tan on, getting a pedicure, a volleyball clinic, swim practices, swim meets, getting concessions for swim meet, got my windshield repaired, car washed, etc. 
Not to mention the clarity of thought I've had! Sweet Milli Vanilli! I am a champion decision maker! 

So, after the scan, we were to "wait for the doctor to look it over, she may want some more pictures or to talk to you or she may say you are free to go", the technician tells me. We waited. No big deal.
Tech guy comes in and says doc wants to talk about my results with my doctor, so please wait. Ok. Still waiting...
We waited until the doctor came in and ruined my lunch date. 
She did!
She told us that my endocrinologist wanted to see me this week, much sooner than my follow-up appointment. I had to go into my famous/notorious Inquisitive Mode and she showed me my scan photo. 
We saw it. A noticeable black spot where a thyroid used to be and nothing should be. I did not love it.
She goes on to tell me that my doctor will tell me more, but to plan on doing a round of Radioactive Iodine Therapy to treat this as a recurrence of cancer. Go back on the Low Iodine Diet and do not take my Synthroid. 
Whoa. Remember? I mentioned that the isolation from the RAI was the worst part! Blesssss.

Also, the Low Iodine Diet is less than awesome. Low Iodine is not the same as Low Sodium, it's just that most things with sodium are made with iodized salt. So, basically, it means prepared, whole foods sans seafood & leafy greens. We should be eating whole foods anyway, I just wasn't prepared. We'll get there. Right now, it just seems like it's all consuming, ya know? Having to constantly think about what I can and can't eat. I've been juicing, but without my spinach and kale.

Instead of an awesome lunch with my Spouse, we left the hospital in the pouring, flooding rain and went a got a juice from the juice bar. He got his things from work and didn't go back for the rest of the day. We just needed to process.

OK, so Saturday Meghan had a swim meet. It was wonderful & there's a few swim moms that I've met &, of course,  just love and have already begun praying.
Mother's Day has been great and my Jesus people are praying.

I'm really not worried, I'm just keepin' it real. Yet again. Y'all are eventually gonna get tired of my real and I'm gonna need to make up a happy story about the time we said we'd never live in Texas and...wait... :)

Here's what's we know:
Jesus is King.
The King is not surprised.
Thyroid cancer is the "best cancer" to have, even a second time. :)
"Best cancer" is a dumb statement, no one should say it to anyone, ever.
This body is not mine.
The "good work" is still not complete. Philippians 1:6
It's all gonna work together for my good and His name.
I have an appointment on Monday.
We've got tickets and reservations for all kinds of fun beginning May 31, which would be right in the middle of treatment.

We have many more questions than answers right now, but we do have a specific prayer for you:
Pray it to be gone, in Jesus' name.
That's it. Gone.
I'm gonna be very honest here. I don't need "happy thoughts" or "positive vibes" sent my way. I'm asking for real, sold out, fruit-producing Jesus followers to reach out and touch his garment on my behalf and ask the Great Physician to speak life into my throat and kill the death.
Boom. That's it. Pray big. Pray expectantly.

All I want to hear from Jesus is "Take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well."
(Matthew 9:20-22)

And, I'll tell e'erbody!


  1. You know you've got it from me....constant, nagging, won't she just quit now prayers from me to Him all for you because you are so right.....Philippians 1:6. Love you, praying for you......trusting and knowing that

  2. Praying you up, Sister! He's got this thing!

    1. Jilllll!!!
      You read my blog!!?? I'm so excited!
      Thank you for praying!
      Love you!

    2. Of course I do! Doesn't everybody? : )

      I am praying & expecting only good news. Can't wait to hear what God does with this!

    3. Ha! Pretty sure not! I think about 5 people. :)

  3. You are a remarkable Woman of God Melissa Hale!! We will be claiming "it" Gone!!

    Love you bunches and if you need me, I will be there in a minute (well how ever long it takes to fly) to be by your side! The "Momma Schulte"

  4. Consider it done. Prayerfully claiming it!

  5. I love you sister. I'll be lifting you up and joining these other prayer warriors in claiming it to be gone!