Monday, May 13, 2013

Prayer, Peace, & a Plan.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. 
I do not give as the world gives. 
Do not let your hearts be troubled 
and do not be afraid. John 14:27

OK. Let's get something straight here, Kids. I'm not a doctor.
I'm not a nurse or medical professional of any kind. I'm not a nutritionist.
I am not even a reliable source of celebrity gossip.
There. That's your disclaimer. 

But, here's what who I do know: Jesus.
I know that where Jesus is, there is peace. 
I'm choosing peace. I'm choosing Jesus.

Spouse and I went to see my endocrinologist today to discuss treatment for these little cells growing where my thyroid used to be. My Jesus-loving friend, Keri, works in the office, recommended this doctor,  and sat right there with us the whole time, too. (Y'all know I'm gonna turn everything into a social function. Also, she has quickly become one of my favorite people.)

We are dealing with a recurrence of (or residual, we don't really know) Follicular Thyroid Cancer. Cells were visible on the Body Scan, but so small and few that the Ultrasound didn't pick it up. Also, my thyroid function (blood levels) have been good. We were all (doc included) pretty surprised to hear that the scan showed a positive result for cancer cells. 
We aren't anxious. Really. (The doc did keep asking over and over if I was irritable or moody! Ha! We had fun with that; I've been on this crazy Low Iodine Diet---dern skippy, I'm irritable!  We introduced the kind doctor to the word "hangry". :))

We have a couple of options for now, since this is a seemingly slow growing, slow moving cancer. We could opt for another round of Radioactive Iodine Therapy (RAI) or watch it for six months. 

I've never had peace about the RAI. Not even last week when I had to take a low dose for the scan. I did not love that, years ago, I put something in my body that caused me to be poisonous to anyone within 6-feet of me! I've always said that if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't do it.

And, here I am.

We have looked at the advantages and risks, of which there are several. Spouse and I are in agreement that the peaceful option for now is to pray and plan. We were not at all settled about the RAI. We are peaceful about using the tools that the Lord gave us (nutrition, prayer) to heal our bodies. 

I am right now looking into some crazy, hippie alternatives to try. Like one-step short of Colorado.
My soul-sister, Cassi, gave me this card on Sunday.
We get each other.

We figure it won't hurt to go a little granola while we wait it out and the doctor was satisfied with either option we chose. He plainly stated this situation was rare and not a clear-cut decision. 
(Of course it's rare. My name is Melissa. If there is a small chance of anything...ya know....)

I am believing that in 6 months of prayer, there will be nothing. There will be a loud-mouthed, walking, blogging example of Jesus' healing power.
Real prayer. Real faith. Tested.

The prayer is still the same: 
Pray it to be gone, in Jesus' name.
That's it. Gone.

I have appreciated every call, text and message prayer I've gotten. I will appreciate them again next week and the week after when I will (knowing me) begin to question my hippie moment here. 

Keep prayin' and we will have a good Jesus story! Those are the best kind!


  1. "Hot-Stepper"! My friend who was faithful enough to step out of faith and move her family to the Philippines and ended up in Houston, is steppin out on faith once again!! Prayin all that healthy goodness taste as good as Diet Coke, fajitas and chocolate chip cookies!! Praying that your Faith will be a living testimony of God's goodness- either way!!