Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend "Camping" & Marriage Test.

We called ourselves camping this weekend. I use this term very loosely. 
Judge all you want: the weather in Houston was heavenly. It was fun and relaxing and no one had to sleep on the ground. Win.
Bought this after we went camping at the beach. Very used, very old, very adequate.
The other side has a push out for the dining table, too.
Look how perfectly that sucker is backed on to that slab. *See below*
There was corn hole.
There were hot dogs. Bun length. All beef. This is important in our house.
There were chips and selfies.
It was rough around breakfast.
There was snuggling with the new "M",  Maverick
There were microwave smores.
We Bananagrammed.
We UNO'd.
It was too lovely not to be outside and these girls are adorbies.
Ridiculous. This is first thing in the morning.
Then, in true Spouse fashion, he decided to put down new flooring in the camper. It looks magnificent!

Workin' man.
Oh, my goodness. So much improvement.
It has been a truly wonderful weekend for The Spouses and The Sisters. I hope yours has, too!
On Friday afternoon, I posted on Twitter & Facebook:
A true test of a marriage is the ability to back a camper/RV 
into its lot and still be on speaking terms when finished.

Is this not so true?!

<<Note: This was not AT ALL about Spouse and me. Honestly. I didn't even help him back it in. Big Sister did. I wasn't even there yet. By the time Little Sister and I got there, it was nearly done. Also, he's very patient about this sort of thing.>> 

Have you ever listened to a couple do this? Or a couple at the boat ramp? It can be funny or not at all.
My friend, Matt, commented on Twitter that he thinks premarital counseling should involve a canoe trip. Bah! Yes!! So true.

Spouse and I paddled the paddle boards from Fort DeSoto to Egmont Key once. Once. It wasn't pretty. The channel was not easy paddling and it took a long time. There was boat traffic, wind, and hunger. Maybe hunger. Maybe hanger. I can't be sure, I think I blacked it out. Except for the part about Spouse should have gone to marital counseling while I got something to eat. I remember that well.

What about you? Any home improvement projects put you over the edge? Night time feedings?

What are some of your "tests" in marriage?

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