Friday, March 30, 2012

Field-Trip-A-Palooza Continues

As I type, we are on I-10 on our way to San Antonio for the weekend. We are undeserving of such fun adventures. I pray I don't waste this precious time with my family. That said, in the first part of our drive we researched some cool facts about San Antonio and the Alamo. We had to have a little learning'! The girls are done with that and have moved on to watching a movie. :)

The girls and I had a great week, starting with a day at NASA/ Johnson Space Center on Meghan's birthday. NASA was pretty neat. I'm sure this only happens with my kids, but they were more excited about the big honkin' play area than any of the more-ahem- educational areas. Quite frustrating for a homeschoolin' momma.
Mission Control Center

Maddy docking her space station.
Birthday Girl
 Would you believe the same thing happened at the Museum of Natural Science?!  There were some pretty cool exhibits: hands-on chemistry activities, paleontology and gems and minerals...and what do they want to do? The Butterfly Center.
Honestly, this was sort of fine with me because the more I hung out in the paleontology area the more aggravated I got. Darwinian language was everywhere. Bleh. The girls usually have a little fun pointing it out when they find evolution language.
Also, all this geology and chemistry was making me feel like a complete failure as a homeschool mom. I was overwhelmed at all the science I have yet to cover and discouraged by what they couldn't remember! Agghhh!
Anyway, to preserve sanity, I decided to head on over to the Butterfly Center. Bless.

This was a fun little bug trivia game.

Thanks for riding along I-10 with me!


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