Sunday, March 11, 2012

You're Going Where??

This is the big, wrinkled forehead question.

Here's the long and short of it:

Mark and I have long since loved serving in our local church and taking occasional short term missions trips, which we will discuss later. We enjoy other cultures and typically feel very comfortable in different environments. In short we love missions and WE LOVE PEOPLE.

So, for now, we are going to Houston. Mark has been with a major bank for about 15 years. He has a job to do in Houston, Texas for about 3 months. They were ready to commute him each week, having him fly out every Monday and back home on Fridays. 

Hold the phone.  We homeschool. Why would we do that? No deal. We go with him. :) We like him.

Not knowing where in the world we may end up in the future, we are viewing this little trip as a nice little training. A 3 month long field/ mission trip. Bootcamp, if you will. 

Bootcamp is hard, but necessary. 

Right now, we are on I-75 driving. I have about 14 more hours in the car. Put your seatbelt on! I've got words! Overblogging ahead!


  1. This is cool...and I hope u can keep it going up to date!

  2. Alright, seatbelt is on!! We are gonna enjoy this:)

  3. Boo. I wanted to be your first comment! hehe praying all goes well on your trip. Following right along with ya!