Saturday, March 24, 2012


My word! We are in Field Trip Mode at the Hale Academy for Little Girls.

Houston has this really cool City Pass. City Pass gets you 5 attractions (Zoo, Children's Museum, Natural Science Museum, Johnson Space Center, and the Aquarium) for one price, $40 for me, $30 for the kids. It's a good deal.
Here's the catch: you have 9 days to use it. I would have liked to have spread the fun out a little bit, but what're you gonna do?
Well, if you're us, you suffer through day after day of Field Trips. :)
Plus, it's helps us get through our list. And, I need to cross things off the list before I start to get headaches.

This is our first playdate at a cute little park. Not really a field trip, but a good time.  Love making new friends. There is something special about the immediate bond when you meet Christians, isn't there?
The Houston Rodeo Petting Zoo. 

Cute baby elephant at the zoo.
Lovin' on some critters.
Kidtropolis by Chase. Poetic.
I dig this kid.
Field-Trip-A-Palooza has been a gift. I am not planning events or meetings or lessons or dinners in the midst of these little outings. Just me and two little girls, one of which will be 11 (!!) on Monday. We are also grateful for Spouse who lets us have all kinds of fun while he's working.

We've got a lot more field trippin' to do! Keep checking back!

I also look forward to telling you all about church tomorrow and our new 'friends' here: the hotel staff and the homeless guy who hasn't decided if we are friends or not...he 'don't even know who he's dealing' with'! (Little homeschool grammar for ya.)

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