Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Road Most Traveled

Spouse and I have determined that this may well have been the worst road trip, travel-wise,  in the history of our marriage. Seriously. What a debacle!

It has been laughable, really.

Got up this morning and put my contact lens in after it had been soaking in what felt like acid. I mean it. It stung so bad that I could hardly pry my eye open enough to get the lens out! Had to wear my glasses most of the day. (Threw the pair away, and the acid solution.)

We hit crazy traffic and weather. Pretty sure we drove through what was once the filming location of an episode of Swamp People.

We went to a Cracker Barrel in Louisiana that had such horrid service that I got into a hysterical laughing fit and spit Diet Coke all over Spouse and his phone. Seriously. We were cry-laughing.

It rained some more.

I realized we were really close to NOLA, so ya know,  I wanted to get a beignet. Just me. No one else wanted to stop.  Spouse conceded. We get to Cafe Du Monde to a Long-Spring-Break-basketball-game sized line. The girls were fussing, which made us more determined to make them suck it up and wait. When we got to our table, we realize that Cafe Du Monde is cash-only. What? I guess they can do that, cause it's Cafe Du Monde.  Bust of all busts. I had cash in my purse. In the car. 5 blocks away.

Maddy said she doesn't ever want to go back to New Orleans cause she's 'pretty sure the Holy Spirit would never come out there'. She said that. Not her parents. Discussion followed.

Well, then I'm bummed. I was set on some Cafe Au Lait and a dadgum beignet! And, in the daytime, on Decatur Street, I LOVE New Orleans. And, the Holy Spirit is SO with me! Pretty sure there's gonna be beignets in heaven. Just saying.

We got a nice, East Texas sunset. Did I just type "nice, East Texas" in the same sentence?

Alas, too many hours later we made it to our temporary residence in Downtown Houston. It's very nice and looks like it will suit us fine.

Thank you, Lord, for getting us through the day! Thank you for a Spouse who knew it was going to be a rough one and saw to it that our family prayed together this morning before we hit the road. Thank you that the accidents we saw had people standing around their respective cars on their cell phones. Thank you, Lord, for the raindrops that hit my car. They are better than love bugs.



  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you having a blog. FANTASTIC!

    1. I've got MunchkinLand Designs working on a custom design for me. Addict.

  2. Yay! You made it! Thanks for keeping us posted. I can't wait until the day when we can sit down and have a face-to-face chat. Until then, reading each other's blogs will have to do! Glad you're safe, and, yes, raindrops are much better than lovebugs. :)

  3. So glad you made it!! Whoo hoo!! This is why you have a blog so we can all share in your crazy stories!! Thanks for sharing.