Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Week I've Learned...

We've been in Houston for a week now, I've learned/confirmed a few things.


...that I could grow accustomed to living in the city. (Words I may eat later!)
...that I am uncomfortable being waited on.
...that I still dig my spouse.
...that making new friends is always grand.
...that I could eat my weight in Whoppers and not feel sick.
...if I'm not careful, I could be one of those people who have to have a certain type of worship music. (I got it at Houston's FBC, by the way.)
...that sometimes change is so motivating.
...that even if I can afford it, I cannot stomach a $50 maxi dress at Justice for my 10 year-old.
...that everything really is bigger in Texas, including the implants.
...I do not love ferris wheels. girls are comfortable making new friends.
...even though I'm so tempted by a cute pair of boots, I still prefer flip-flops.
...Hunger Games stresses me out. girls and I really needed the down time, even if we didn't know it. knee is worse than I thought.
...that it is "far better to fall forward in praise, than to fall backwards in sin". --Gregg Matte
...that Superman, Chuck Norris, Edward, Jacob, Gale, nor Peeta have NOTHING on Mike Storter.



  1. You've had a lot of adventure in a week! I'm so glad you're making friends and having new experiences. Tell the girls "hello" from the Kicklighters.

  2. Haha the last one is my fav :)