Friday, April 27, 2012

The Guy Wants to Be Tim's Pimp

AshleyMadison wants to offer $1 million to anyone, male or female, with proof that he or she had sex with Tim Tebow. This offer will stand through the Jets football season. 
AshleyMadison's tool of a CEO, Noel Biderman, says that he guarantees that "no man of Tebow’s stature could survive a season in New York without succumbing to the temptations of the city."
He is trying too pimp out Tim Tebow! 
Listen. This is not about Tim Tebow. 
This is about you and your kids and my kids. 
If Tim Tebow's virginity is for sale, so is the virginity of my girls. One day, this monster could put a price on my girls or your son or daughter! What must Pam Tebow be thinking right now!?
This is war. We must fight fire with fire. We must go to extreme measures to prepare our sons and daughters to withstand the pressures coming their way. As far as I can tell, the Tebows were very intentional in the parenting of their children, and I believe Tim Tebow's virtue will be just fine through this mess because of it.

  • Pray, Pray, Pray. -- It seems like a 'duh' thing to say, but I mean really pray. Pray specifically for their purity, faith, steadfastness, future spouses, their friends, etc. This is the best way to really fight for your kids. I know. Duh. 
  • Listen to your kids.-- If you want your kids to listen to you, listen to them. Let them tell you all their stories at 7 years old, and they will tell you what's going on at 14.  Conversations are better than lectures every time. 
  • Disciple your own children. -- It is not the Sunday School teacher's job to shape your child's worldview. It's your job. Quit every other job or hobby so that you can do this one.
  • Don't send mixed messages. -- It blows my mind the movies and music that children and teens are exposed to with their parents! If you watch trashy movies and laugh at trash and  listen to trashy music, your children WILL have a jacked up moral compass! It is confusing!
  • Raise the standard.-- We have raised the academic standards. (All the AP classes.) We have raised the athletic standards. (Invitation-only teams.) We have raised the nutrition standards. (Healthy, whole or organic foods.) But, have allowed culture to lower the standards for sexual purity to devastating lows! Put girls on the pill, give the guys condoms, let them have sex in your home, etc. All in the name of 'protecting' the kids. Listen. If you pay the bills, you can straight up "ruin their lives" by not allowing this jazz to go on in your home. 
  • Talk about sex in the light of God's Word.-- Talk early and often...BEFORE you think they are ready and before the teacher does. The first person to teach your kids anything is the expert. Be the expert! Use phrases like "when a husband and a wife", rather than "when a man and a woman". Also, use anatomically correct terms. (This will be another post. Y'all let me know when you need it!) :)

I am getting a headache. I have to be done.

This is scary. War is scary. And it is serious.
We have got to get on our knees and get serious. 
Lord, help us.

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