Monday, April 23, 2012

Park Schoolin'

I am a total schizophrenic homeschooler. Well, that's probably for another post, but somedays I am sure that I am in over my head. There are the days that I'm sure my girls are never going to be friends as adults because of it, days that I'm sure will cost us $$ in therapy later, when I'm pretty sure they are missing some grand educational experience, some classic reading I left out...oh, ya the insecurity and I've got it. Somedays.

Then, praise King Jesus! 
There are days like today. Homeschooling? Pssh. Easy Peasy. Any yay-hoo could do it!

Oh, yah. We were jiving up in here! Dividends, divisors, quotients? Boom. Bring on the mixed fractions. Nobody's scared, here! Main ideas, descriptive paragraphs--do work.
And, top this junk: the high temperature in Houston was 77.  This may, or may not, mean a lot to you, but to us it means--outside school!
We packed up a few things and took this little academy on the road to Discovery Green Park. 

Would you believe that little blue water bottle caused such nasty words a
few minutes after this pic was taken? No? I won't tell you about it, then.

Smoothies make schooling better.

This is a neat little park. That's the convention center in the back and
a little splash play area just behind the girls.

Give her a book and a smoothie,  and she'll be happy
enough to take pictures with her momma.

This little ladybug wanted to read my book.

Seriously. How could we not take advantage?
I almost pulled a Ferris Bueller. Sans the Ferrari.
I would so jump on a float, though.

Shady spot.

They really do like each other.
Is that presh?

I'm not even going to tell you how many times I took this picture.

There will likely be a blog post in the near future that may seem like a cry for help. Or, maybe I'll be very clear and say I'm going to jump. When that blog comes, will one of y'all, please, remind me of this day?



  1. I could TOTALLY see u jumping on a float like in the movie!!

  2. Haha! I'm not really sure what to think about that.

  3. Do as a wise person suggested I do...set one of those sweet pics as your lock screen or the wallpaper on your computer as a constant daily reminder. It was good advice. :-)