Monday, April 16, 2012

The Suite Life

In case you were wondering, the Spouses and fam are not living real life. We are living the Suite Life.
I keep saying it's the Suite Life of Meghan and Maddy, but that isn't entirely accurate. It's pretty sweet for all of us.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, 
   neither are your ways my ways,” 
            declares the LORD. 
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, 
   so are my ways higher than your ways 
   and my thoughts than your thoughts." 
                                        Isaiah 55:8-9

No kidding. We made a commitment to go wherever.  We were pretty sure that included quitting a 15+ year job to go back to school full time and live like paupers. We thought we were going to be living in a 2 bedroom apartment. We were right about that. But, it's not campus housing! Bless.

If you go to Google Maps and type in Houston, Texas, the spot where the red droplet is, that's where we are. No joke. In the middle.
For those of you who are frequent guests of Mel's Diner, aka my kitchen, you know that this is NOT like home.

Seriously. We have a small little apartment, but it really is quite big enough. (Major lesson learned for another post.)

The girls have plenty of room to get their school work done and spread out.

This is the table for meals, Bible study, UNO and school. 

The desk where blogs are made.

This is where they do some of their work,
but they are smiling because they are playing games.

We have a lovely, sometimes eventful, pool.

God showed up at this pool last week. I'm still not over it. Read the story here.

We go downstairs nearly every morning and eat breakfast. Fresh pineapple, melons, eggs, sausage, chocolate chip waffles...bunch of choices. We chat with Miss Faye in the kitchen, then we come back up to do school. I know. Not real life. Don't cuss me!

I haven't bought paper towels or toilet paper in over a month. I haven't vacuumed in over a month. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten how. I have been so worried about us all getting 'spoiled' that I have housekeeping come only once or twice a week. Still, we are spoiled. Don't cuss me!

We have a nice staff of valets that bring us our car and make sure we have directions. The big joke is, "What am I going to do when I have to go outside and start my own car?" Don't cuss me!

Speaking of car, I've already told you about walking to so many places. We can go for days without getting in the car. This is one of my faves. We can walk to Supercuts, Books A Million, Macy's, Forever 21, the Y, Food Court (read: ChickFilA), Discovery Green Park, the grocery, even the movie theater. Today, though, it was raining, so the shuttle took us to the library. Yah. Don't cuss me!

I don't know what to make of all this. I don't. This is so not normal! Seriously, I'm going to dig out some 'real life' pics for another post.

The Lord has worked on us and through us since we've been here, for sure. He's a good multi-tasker like that. There is definitely a purpose for this little detour, and we are already so grateful.

Still, we know this Suite Life can't last forever...about 6 more weeks. So, don't cuss me!

The BQ is, "Then What??"




  1. Sorry I am not a good listener.. did you say "Don't cuss you?" and Tomorrow you are going to tour the Blue Bell Creamery???? You have officially asked too much of me..."CUSS", "Cuss", "cuss", under my breath'cus", SUPER "CUSS"!!! ;b Seriously though you guys totally deserve it! Enjoy your "Suite" Life!