Monday, April 23, 2012

You've Got Mail

  Do y'all remember when you were little how excited you would be to get your own mail? 
It didn't even matter if it was the reminder to make your dentist appointment, if it was addressed to you, it was a good day!
Now, if you're an adult, it's exciting to get something in the mail that isn't a bill, a credit card application, or a political advertisement. 

I still love getting 'snail mail'.  I even love to SEND snail mail.  
A little handwritten note is just grand. 
I think you should get one. So, I'm going to send you one.

Here's the deal: 

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012
Comment below that you would like mail.
Then, send your name and snail mail address to
no later than MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!
Then, wait.

There are two steps here, did you catch that? You must comment below that you would like to receive mail AND email me your name and address. 

This is for any reader, whether we've met or not. :) So, share the post, if you want. I'll get busy!

FYI, I won't share your info. This is just for fun. No creeping here.



  1. Ok I'll play....but I have a better ideal....the Hale's come home. the end.

    1. Done! By that I mean the note. We come home soon.

  2. Replies
    1. This is so fun! But, tell Nathaniel it's handwritten. I'll not be submitting it through Turn It In! :) He's got me all stressed out that he's reading my blog. Bah!

  3. How fun! I love mail! I'll take one!

  4. Why, of course! Bring it on!

  5. The Johnson family likes mail. :-)

    1. Johnson Momma's mail was written a couple of hours ago.

  6. Wished we would have seen this before now! Email me your address??