Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back in the 813

Allright, well we've been back in the 813 for a week now! Let me say, I think everyone should leave town for a few months and come back home. It is awesome! Our family and sweet friends have welcomed us home well! 
There really is no place like home! 

Our girls were running around the house like crazy! "Look, my couch! Look, it's our fridge! Our magnets! Look, it's our paper towels! Mom! Our doors!" Seriously. 

A couple of our Lovelies visited us before we were even home. Our AC was on, we had Diet Mtn. Dew, Diet Coke, milk, cookies and some lovely flowers waiting for us! Seriously! You should leave and come home!

The original plan was to leave Houston on May 31, so we came home just about a week early to celebrate the life of a friend that was family to us. I have said many times that I haven't cried over a man other than my Spouse like I have for Mike Storter! That guy! 
Superman wears Mike Storter pajamas, and they are orange and blue.
(Photo from Stephanie Humphrey Photography and it's lovely.)
We had some "have to's" for as soon as we got home. Ya know, the priorities.

I really wanted to make it to church on Wednesday night. Our whole family of believers was grieving, and we wanted to be with them. The Lord honored our petitions for good weather and traffic and we got home in record time. We came home, got cleaned up and took ourselves to the Baptist Church! :)
Not my pic. Got it from Google. :)

Then, we made haste to get to Grandpa's--Johnson BBQ, call it what you want, it's Grandpa Johnson's.  I got some grits and tomato gravy and collard greens! My Kayla even got me a huge sweet tea WITH MY NAME ON IT before I even got in the door! I love that place! 

Look at it! It's beautiful! (Not my pic, either.)
Last Wednesday was the season finale of Duck Dynasty, so some of our crew, The Millennials, I call them, went to a friends house for the show.

Love them. 
This was all on Wednesday. I don't know what happened on Thursday. Oh, yes...Spouse was working on water pump and plumbing issues all day. We finally got to visit with my In-Loves a bit on Thursday night, too. :)
Friday was more around the house, and the Celebration Service for Mike. It was unbelievable. A life lived for Jesus. Amazing.

Then, Saturday. Home. Ahhhhh....Ft. DeSoto Beach. I was giddy. No joke. You know how the littles get so beside themselves at Cinderella's Castle? That was me. High-pitched voice and all. I had a real hard time leaving.
Ignore the random people, just look at the lovely water.
God's Water Park. He made it for us. 
It is so good to be home.

We think, Lord willing, we will be here about a month. Then, back to Houston for a few more months. It will be hard for us to leave Florida in the summer.
We LOVE summer. We love summer because we love the beach.
Not in Houston. Aggghhh! I'm scared.

This is dying to self, People. Dying to self.

Then, we don't know what. And, that's the truth.

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  1. WaaaahhhWaaahhh!!! Wallowing in my own self pity! We Love The Spouses and their Offspring!and Summer! Visiting ya'll in Englewood, Swimming in Nana's pool. Even those days of Violin Lessons...Just to visit if nothin else! That being said you are tooo special for us to keep you to ourselves! I know God wants others to experience the JOY that comes from your presence!!Take heart in knowing that we, along with many others, will be praying for you every step of the way!!