Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Worries Wednesday!

I don't mean Outback! I am talking the  "Hakuna Matata" kind of No Worries! 

My sweet friend, Matt, directed me to Proverbs 19:21 the other day, which promptly made its way to an index card and parked on the bathroom door.

So, if the Lord's plans are going to prevail and His ways are perfect, then we have No Worries, right!? And, we all know that worryin' isn't going to add a single hour to your life, right? Before this gets heavier than your writer intends, let's look at some things NOT to worry about!

Let's NOT WORRY...

- if you don't know where the Lord is going to send your family. It'll be somewhere! ;)

- if I don't workout as much as I planned while in Houston. Just enough is OK for this season of my life.

- when your playdate gets cancelled. Make it a 'School By the Pool' Day!

- if you play a lot of Bananagrams in the name of homeschool fun!

- if you decide to be nice to cellulite by tanning it. Cellulite looks much better with a tan.

- if I love that my kids do not like hummus simply because they won't eat it all. Just sayin.

- if I want to love on some Filipinos, but I also want to visit some awesome beaches.

- when all my grandiose plans are replaced by a wonderful, peaceful time with my girls.

- when I'm so relaxed that Spouse says, "I've never seen you so chill!"

- if I have a bunch of Words with Friends games going. I love it. 

- if I am addicted to reading Ex-pat blogs about Manila.

- if I blew off Draw Something. That was fun while it lasted.

- about how all this craziness is impacting my girls. They have been given a supernatural understanding that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit. It's incredible.

- if a HYPOTHETICAL PERSON got overly excited about Tiramisu at a Chinese restaurant only to find out they were OUT of Tiramisu.

- if I have neglected a treasured friend for WAY TOO LONG because she and I pick up right where we left off. Love you, JG.

- when Spouse was worried about a young girl on the street, we see her later and see that she CLEARLY isn't so young and is CLEARLY 'working' and he says 
(in hopes of our ministering to her), 
"Are you going to be around later?" Bless him. He knows not what he says. 

- if I simultaneously miss my people and LOVE this Suite Life. I really just want them here.

- if my sweet spouse has to study while I cry-laugh at Madea's Big Happy Family. I felt moderately guilty, but he doesn't appreciate her like I do.

- if I have an odd peace about all this uncertainty. Hallelujerrr.

What are you going to NOT worry about?

~Hakuna Matata~




  1. Good! Gravy! Gracious! I LOVE this for soooo SOOO Many reasons! I didn't get to be 30 years old with 3 ulcers, still biting my nails by NOT worrying about things. Trust me when I tell you I have poured over many a verse relating to fear, worry, doubt.Luke 13:22-40 Anxiety is a different Demon! Philippians 4:6-9 is the passage that literally soothes my aching belly! I LOVE you for giving perspective in the midst of what is still unknown for you and your family!! God has seriously Blessed Mark, Meghan and Maddy by giving them Melissa!

    1. This is awesome. You are awesome. You should turn this comment into your first blog post. Call it "Fearless Rachel"!