Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House Hunters: Houston

If you know us well, as in, you have been to our home, you well know that The Spouses have very low standards of living. We just don't care. It's almost to a fault, actually. Something is wrong when a grown woman (me) buys a used living room set from a friend and buys new Stand Up Paddle Boards. Really.

Anyway, with the news that we are likely returning to Houston, Meghan and Maddy and I got pretty excited about getting to shop for temporary housing. (The hotel has been great, but ya know...)

We set out for House Hunters: Houston.

We had an unnamed narrating host, (who doesn't think this is cool, but verified that I quoted her correctly.)
"Mark and Melissa are native Floridians who are temporarily relocating to Houston, Texas with their 2 daughters. They are looking for corporate housing in the downtown area so that Mark will be close to the downtown light rail. Location is most important to this family, with a family-friendly pool being the next priority."
She was cracking me up.

We look at these outrageous apartments and condos with names like The Plaza and The Villas and The Valencia.
Can you picture it? We are from freaking THONOTOSASSA! Bah!
Holy Upgrade, Batman!

We go from no standard whatsoever to, and I kid you not, "Mom, I really want a condo with the granite or marble countertops."
What? My little miniature house hunters were straight up walking around with these leasing agents with the iPad and old school notebooks taking notes of pros and cons. Dead serious.
And, they have opinions about this junk, too. Every one of the complexes we looked at are quite luxurious. But, Maddy has her favorite, and she speaks of MY favorite as if it has dirt floor. I'm not kidding! You should see her face! "Mom, it doesn't even have the arch on the bar!"
Condemn the place, I say!

(My poor Spouse can only laugh. He is so great. Between the Lord and my Spouse, we are very well taken care of.)

Here are a couple of examples:

We haven't made a decision, yet, because as you know, WE DON'T KNOW WHEN WE ARE COMING BACK! It's so cool, though, these places have 14 day Notice to Vacate, so they don't need a lot of notice to have it ready.
I just can't even believe this is our life. Really. The Suite Life. Bless.

We did not sign up for this. We got signed up!
I keep asking the girls, "What is all this about?"
Meg said, "To give honor to God and live in a really rich place!" Ha! She was so kidding.

Best thing we can do, as far as I can tell, is give God all the glory and enjoy the ride!

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