Thursday, May 31, 2012

BIG BELIEFS, Little Beliefs

I love this series! It's a total copycat from Tara, but she lets me do it!
Here is the first post of BIG BELIEFS, Little Beliefs.

I believe that...

  1. The beach makes everything better.
  2. Coming home is grand.
  3. Pineapple milkshakes are what has been missing from my life...until now.
  4. My Spouse puts up with a lot. A lot.
  5. Packing is the devil.
  6. The Body of Christ can be so encouraging. We have received so much!
  7. Little girls should wear braids and pigtails as often as possible. Gracious, they are adorable!
  8. Focusing on 'whatever is pure, right, admirable, praiseworthy' IS the power of positive thinking. (Phil. 4:8)
  9. Cellulite looks better with a tan.
  10. Dancing is good for the soul.
  11. I love reading Spouse's notes in his Bible.
  12. Sometimes, sometimes, it's good to let the Littles think they legitimately won a game.
  13. Everyone should leave town for a period of time and experience the 'coming home'. 
  14. My girls love going off, but they love us the best.
  15. Complete surrender sounds romantic.
  16. There is something magical about your very own bed with your very own pillows.
  17. The rights of parents are under attack. 
  18. God's timing is perfect.
  19. A friend whose voice is recognizable from across the room is a treasure.
  20. Duck Dynasty is what's good about television.
  21. Tattoos on pregnant bellies in bikinis are...well...tattoos on pregnant bellies in bikinis.
  22. Dating is not a mission field.
  23. We really can find an excuse for anything.
  24. A Dust Buster is a wonderful little cleaning gadget.
  25. You are somebody's everything.


  1. I could comment on all of them, but then I'd have 25 comments, so YES to all. Oh yeah, and I will admit that I do not watch T.V. very often, but now on Wednesday nights I am an avid Duck Dynasty follower. That is all.

    1. Dawn, we just started watching while in Houston! We don't even have cable or Dish or whatnot, but we did there. Loved the show.

  2. We don't have cable or anything either but we catch Duck Dynasty and Swamp People online. :)

    1. You know it's good when it's worth that!!